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Effectiveness of Couple-Based HIV Counseling and Testing for Women Substance Users and Their Primary Male Partners: A Randomized Trial

Author(s): James M. McMahon | Stephanie Tortu | Enrique R. Pouget | Leilani Torres | William Rodriguez | Rahul Hamid
Genome-wide linkage using the Social Responsiveness Scale in Utah autism pedigrees

Author(s): Coon Hilary | Villalobos Michele E | Robison Reid J | Camp Nicola J | Cannon Dale S | Allen-Brady Kristina | Miller Judith S | McMahon William M
Genome-wide linkage analyses of two repetitive behavior phenotypes in Utah pedigrees with autism spectrum disorders

Author(s): Cannon Dale S | Miller Judith S | Robison Reid J | Villalobos Michele E | Wahmhoff Natalie K | Allen-Brady Kristina | McMahon William M | Coon Hilary
Rapid phylogenetic and functional classification of short genomic fragments with signature peptides

Author(s): Berendzen Joel | Bruno William J | Cohn Judith D | Hengartner Nicolas W | Kuske Cheryl R | McMahon Benjamin H | Wolinsky Murray A | Xie Gary
Oxygen-induced intergranular fracture of the nickel-base alloy IN718 during mechanical loading at high temperatures

Author(s): Krupp Ulrich | Kane William | Pfaendtner Jeffrey A. | Liu Xinyu | Laird Campbell | McMahon Jr. Charles J.
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