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Manual Acupuncture and Laser Acupuncture for Autonomic Regulations in Rats: Observation on Heart Rate Variability and Gastric Motility

Author(s): Zhao-Kun Yang | Mei-Ling Wu | Juan-Juan Xin | Wei He | Yang-Shuai Su | Hong Shi | Xiao-Yu Wang | Ling Hu | Xiang-Hong Jing | Gerhard Litscher
Analysis of the status and influence factors of vision development in preschool children

Author(s): Guang-Qiang Wu | Mei-Ling Tong | Ning Wei | Xing-Xiang Wu | Zhong Li
Investigation on screening criteria and early intervention age for refractive error in infants

Author(s): Xing-Xiang Wu | Guang-Qiang Wu | Ning Wei | Yu-Tong Wang | Mei-Ling Tong
Rapid Synthesis of YBCO Thick Superconducting Films by Low Fluorine TFA-MOD Method

Author(s): TANG Xiao, SUO Hong-Li, YE Shuai, LIU Min, Wu Zi-Ping, ZHOU Mei-Ling

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