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Chromatin remodeling enzyme Brg1 is required for mouse lens fiber cell terminal differentiation and its denucleation

Author(s): He Shuying | Pirity Melinda K | Wang Wei-Lin | Wolf Louise | Chauhan Bharesh K | Cveklova Kveta | Tamm Ernst R | Ashery-Padan Ruth | Metzger Daniel | Nakai Akira | Chambon Pierre | Zavadil Jiri | Cvekl Ales
Generation of Transplantable Beta Cells for Patient-Specific Cell Therapy

Author(s): Xiaojie Wang | Daniel L. Metzger | Mark Meloche | Jianqiang Hao | Ziliang Ao | Garth L. Warnock
B7-H4 Pathway in Islet Transplantation and β-Cell Replacement Therapies

Author(s): Xiaojie Wang | Jianqiang Hao | Daniel L. Metzger | Ziliang Ao | Mark Meloche | C. Bruce Verchere | Lieping Chen | Dawei Ou | Alice Mui | Garth L. Warnock
Alcohol Withdrawal and Brain Injuries: Beyond Classical Mechanisms

Author(s): Marianna E. Jung | Daniel B. Metzger
Prognostic Significance and Clinicopathological Associations of COX-2 SNP in Patients with Nonsmall Cell Lung Cancer

Author(s): Peter P. Grimminger | Jan Stöhlmacher | Daniel Vallböhmer | Paul M. Schneider | Arnulf H. Hölscher | Ralf Metzger | Peter V. Danenberg | Jan Brabender
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