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Which variables are associated with blood glucose levels outside the target range in surgical critically ill patients? A retrospective observational study

Author(s): Weiss Manfred | Kron Martina | Hay Birgit | Taenzer Michael | Radermacher Peter | Georgieff Michael
In Vitro Activity of Geldanamycin Derivatives against Schistosoma japonicum and Brugia malayi

Author(s): David Wenkert | Bernadette Ramirez | Yuehai Shen | Michael A. Kron
Different patient case mix by applying the 2003 SCCM/ESICM/ACCP/ATS/SIS sepsis definitions instead of the 1992 ACCP/SCCM sepsis definitions in surgical patients: a retrospective observational study

Author(s): Weiss Manfred | Huber-Lang Markus | Taenzer Michael | Traeger Karl | Altherr Juergen | Kron Martina | Hay Birgit | Schneider Marion

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