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Prediction of morbidity and mortality in patients with type 2 diabetes

Author(s): Brian J. Wells | Rachel Roth | Amy S. Nowacki | Susana Arrigain | Changhong Yu | Wayne A. Rosenkrans Jr. | Michael W. Kattan
Differentiation and Distribution of Cordyline Viruses 1–4 in Hawaiian ti Plants (Cordyline fruticosa L.)

Author(s): Michael Melzer | Caleb Ayin | Jari Sugano | Janice Uchida | Michael Kawate | Wayne Borth | John Hu

Author(s): Louis Dionissopoulos | Anne Herman Laarman | Ousama AlZahal | Sabrina Louise Greenwood | Michael Alexander Steele | Jan Cees Plaizier | James Clyde Matthews | Brian Wayne McBride
In vitro ruminal fermentation of leaves from three tree forages in response to incremental levels of polyethylene glycol

Author(s): Andell Edwards | Victor Mlambo | Cicero Horatio Octavius Lallo | Gary Wayne Garcia | Michael Davanan Diptee
Inflammatory pseudotumor of the spleen

Author(s): Michael G Wayne
Th2 Regulation of Viral Myocarditis in Mice: Different Roles for TLR3 versus TRIF in Progression to Chronic Disease

Author(s): Eric D. Abston | Michael J. Coronado | Adriana Bucek | Djahida Bedja | Jaewook Shin | Joseph B. Kim | Eunyong Kim | Kathleen L. Gabrielson | Dimitrios Georgakopoulos | Wayne Mitzner | DeLisa Fairweather
Hepatic actinomycosis mimicking an isolated tumor recurrence

Author(s): Wayne Michael | Narang Rahul | Chauhdry Arif | Steele Justin
Superior Mesenteric Artery originating from the celiac axis: A rare vascular anomaly

Author(s): Wayne Michael | Narang Rahul | Verzosa Suzanne | Cooperman Avram
Central pancreatectomy without anastomosis

Author(s): Wayne Michael | Neragi-Miandoab Siyamek | Kasmin Franklin | Brown William | Pahuja Anil | Cooperman Avram
Physician support for diabetes patients and clinical outcomes

Author(s): Gensichen Jochen | Von Korff Michael | Rutter Carolyn | Seelig Michelle | Ludman Evette | Lin Elizabeth | Ciechanowski Paul | Young Bessie | Wagner Edward | Katon Wayne
Transcriptional profiling differences for articular cartilage and repair tissue in equine joint surface lesions

Author(s): Mienaltowski Michael | Huang Liping | Frisbie David | McIlwraith C Wayne | Stromberg Arnold | Bathke Arne | MacLeod James
The Response of Hemostatic Marker Levels to Activated Factor VII in a Neonate following Cardiopulmonary Bypass

Author(s): Michael J. Eisses | Michael Richards | Denise Joffe | Jeremy M. Geiduschek | Wayne L. Chandler
Candidiasis During Pregnancy May Result From Isogenic Commensal Strains

Author(s): Wayne Daniels | Douglas D. Glover | Michael Essmann | Bryan Larsen
The Unpredictable Effect of Changing Cardiac Output on Hypoxemia after Acute Pulmonary Thromboembolism

Author(s): John Y. C. Tsang | Wayne J. E. Lamm | Blazej Neradilek | Nayak L. Polissar | Michael P. Hlastala
Alternative reconstruction after pancreaticoduodenectomy

Author(s): Wayne Michael | Jorge Irving | Cooperman Avram
Pathogenicity and immunogenicity of attenuated, nef-deleted HIV-1 strains in vivo

Author(s): Gorry Paul | McPhee Dale | Verity Erin | Dyer Wayne | Wesselingh Steven | Learmont Jennifer | Sullivan John | Roche Michael | Zaunders John | Gabuzda Dana | Crowe Suzanne | Mills John | Lewin Sharon | Brew Bruce | Cunningham Anthony | Churchill Melissa
Stem diameter and rotational stability in revision total hip arthroplasty: a biomechanical analysis

Author(s): Meneghini R Michael | Hallab Nadim | Berger Richard | Jacobs Joshua | Paprosky Wayne | Rosenberg Aaron
Investigation of altering single-nucleotide polymorphism density on the power to detect trait loci and frequency of false positive in nonparametric linkage analyses of qualitative traits

Author(s): Klein Alison | Tsai Ya-Yu | Duggal Priya | Gillanders Elizabeth | Barnhart Michael | Mathias Rasika | Dusenberry Ian | Turiff Amy | Chines Peter | Goldstein Janet | Wojciechowski Robert | Hening Wayne | Pugh Elizabeth | Bailey-Wilson Joan
Selective Regulation of CD8 T Cell Immune Function by IL-21 in HIV Infected Individuals

Author(s): Krishnan Subramaniam | Strbo Natasa | White Lesley | Kolber Michael | Kindsvogel Wayne | Pahwa Savita
The missense mutation in Abcg5 gene in spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) segregates with phytosterolemia but not hypertension

Author(s): Chen Jianliang | Batta Ashok | Zheng Shuqin | Fitzgibbon Wayne | Ullian Michael | Yu Hongwei | Tso Patrick | Salen Gerald | Patel Shailendra
Loss of Skeletal Muscle HIF-1alpha Results in Altered Exercise Endurance

Author(s): Mason Steven D | Howlett Richard A | Kim Matthew J | Olfert I. Mark | Hogan Michael C | McNulty Wayne | Hickey Reed P | Wagner Peter D | Kahn C. Ronald | Giordano Frank J | Johnson Randall S
Cardiovascular effects in patrol officers are associated with fine particulate matter from brake wear and engine emissions

Author(s): Riediker Michael | Devlin Robert | Griggs Thomas | Herbst Margaret | Bromberg Philip | Williams Ronald | Cascio Wayne
Analysis of inadequate cervical smears using Shewhart control charts

Author(s): Harrison Wayne | Mohammed Mohammed | Wall Michael | Marshall Tom
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