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Microbial Anaerobic Digestion (Bio-Digesters) as an Approach to the Decontamination of Animal Wastes in Pollution Control and the Generation of Renewable Energy

Author(s): Christy E. Manyi-Loh | Sampson N. Mamphweli | Edson L. Meyer | Anthony I. Okoh | Golden Makaka | Michael Simon
Recombination in Eukaryotic Single Stranded DNA Viruses

Author(s): Darren P. Martin | Philippe Biagini | Pierre Lefeuvre | Michael Golden | Philippe Roumagnac | Arvind Varsani
Development of a minimization instrument for allocation of a hospital-level performance improvement intervention to reduce waiting times in Ontario emergency departments

Author(s): Leaver Chad | Guttmann Astrid | Zwarenstein Merrick | Rowe Brian | Anderson Geoff | Stukel Therese | Golden Brian | Bell Robert | Morra Dante | Abrams Howard | Schull Michael
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