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TCF7L2 polymorphisms and inflammatory markers before and after treatment with fenofibrate

Author(s): Kabagambe Edmond K | Glasser Stephen P | Ordovas Jose M | Warodomwichit Daruneewan | Tsai Michael Y | Hopkins Paul N | Borecki Ingrid B | Wojczynski Mary | Arnett Donna K
Medical students as human subjects in educational research

Author(s): Umut Sarpel | Mary Ann Hopkins | Frederick More | Steven Yavner | Martin Pusic | Michael W. Nick | Hyuksoon Song | Rachel Ellaway | Adina L. Kalet
Unique Screener of Reading Fluency and Comprehension for Adolescents and Adults

Author(s): Sherry Mee Bell | Kelli Caldwell Miller | Ralph Steve McCallum | Michael Hopkins
Unique Screener of Reading Fluency and Comprehension for Adolescents and Adults

Author(s): Ralph Steve McCallum | Michael Hopkins | Sherry Mee Bell | Kelli Caldwell Miller
Lipoprotein Lipase S447X variant associated with VLDL, LDL and HDL diameter clustering in the MetS

Author(s): Wood Alexis | Glasser Stephen | Garvey W | Kabagambe Edmond | Borecki Ingrid | Tiwari Hemant | Tsai Michael | Hopkins Paul | Ordovas Jose | Arnett Donna
High-fat meal effect on LDL, HDL, and VLDL particle size and number in the Genetics of Lipid-Lowering drugs and diet network (GOLDN): an interventional study

Author(s): Wojczynski Mary | Glasser Stephen | Oberman Albert | Kabagambe Edmond | Hopkins Paul | Tsai Michael | Straka Robert | Ordovas Jose | Arnett Donna
Lactobacillus fermentum (PCC®) supplementation and gastrointestinal and respiratory-tract illness symptoms: a randomised control trial in athletes

Author(s): West Nicholas | Pyne David | Cripps Allan | Hopkins William | Eskesen Dorte | Jairath Ashok | Christophersen Claus | Conlon Michael | Fricker Peter
Knowledge translation to fitness trainers: A systematic review

Author(s): Stacey Dawn | Hopkins Michael | Adamo Kristi | Shorr Risa | Prud'homme Denis
Randomised controlled trial of thermostatic mixer valves in reducing bath hot tap water temperature in families with young children in social housing: A protocol

Author(s): Kendrick Denise | Stewart Jane | Coupland Carol | Hayes Michael | Hopkins Nick | McCabe Debbie | Murphy Robert | O'Donnell George | Phillips Ceri | Radford David | Ryan Jackie | Smith Sherie | Groom Lindsay | Towner Elizabeth
Do inflammation and procoagulation biomarkers contribute to the metabolic syndrome cluster?

Author(s): Kraja Aldi | Province Michael | Arnett Donna | Wagenknecht Lynne | Tang Weihong | Hopkins Paul | Djoussé Luc | Borecki Ingrid
Baseline characteristics influencing quality of life in women undergoing gynecologic oncology surgery

Author(s): Gil Karen | Gibbons Heidi | Jenison Eric | Hopkins Michael | von Gruenigen Vivian
Longitudinal and age trends of metabolic syndrome and its risk factors: The Family Heart Study

Author(s): Kraja Aldi | Borecki Ingrid | North Kari | Tang Weihong | Myers Richard | Hopkins Paul | Arnett Donna | Corbett Jonathan | Adelman Avril | Province Michael
Effect of method of administration on longitudinal assessment of quality of life in gynecologic cancer: An exploratory study

Author(s): Gil Karen | Frasure Heidi | Hopkins Michael | Jenison Eric | von Gruenigen Vivian
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