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Global Locator, Local Locator, and Identifier Split (GLI-Split)

Author(s): Michael Menth | Matthias Hartmann | Dominik Klein
Effective Online Practices for International Learning Collaborations

Author(s): Waverly C. RAY | Osvaldo MUŇIZ-SOLARI | Phil KLEIN | Michael SOLEM
XMRV Discovery and Prostate Cancer-Related Research

Author(s): David E. Kang | Michael C. Lee | Jaydip Das Gupta | Eric A. Klein | Robert H. Silverman
Immunologic findings in central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia

Author(s): Ana Maria Abreu Velez | A. Deo Klein | Michael S. Howard
Lava Geochemistry as a Probe into Crustal Formation at the East Pacific Rise

Author(s): Michael R. Perfit | V. Dorsey Wanless | W. Ian Ridley | Emily M. Klein | Matthew C. Smith | Adam R. Goss | Jillian S. Hinds | Scott W. Kutza | Daniel J. Fornari
Studies on Prion Replication in Spleen

Author(s): Alex J. Raeber | Fabio Montrasio | Ivan Hegyi | Rico Frigg | Michael A. Klein | Adriano Aguzzi | Charles Weissmann
Skin appendageal immune reactivity in a case of cutaneous lupus

Author(s): Ana Maria Abreu Velez | A. Deo Klein | Michael S. Howard
Complement component C5a Promotes Expression of IL-22 and IL-17 from Human T cells and its Implication in Age-related Macular Degeneration

Author(s): Liu Baoying | Wei Lai | Meyerle Catherine | Tuo Jingsheng | Sen H Nida | Li Zhiyu | Chakrabarty Sagarika | Agron Elvira | Chan Chi-Chao | Klein Michael | Chew Emily | Ferris Frederick | Nussenblatt Robert
Cytomegalovirus enteritis mimicking Crohn’s disease in a lupus nephritis patient: A case report

Author(s): Faisal Nazir Khan, Vinod Prasad, Michael David Klein
On Using Technology to Confront Information Overload in a Mathematics Classroom

Author(s): Suzanne R. Harper | Robert M. Klein | Michael T. Edwards
Inter-signal interaction and uncertain information in anuran multimodal signals

Author(s): Ryan C. TAYLOR, Barrett A. KLEIN, Michael J. RYAN
Catalytic domain of PDC-E2 contains epitopes recognized by antimitochondrial antibodies in primary biliary cirrhosis

Author(s): Sandra Braun, Christoph Berg, Sandra Buck, Michael Gregor, Reinhild Klein
Wall motion recovery in dobutamine stress magnetic resonance imaging

Author(s): Berger Alexander | Kelle Sebastian | Schneeweis Christopher | Frick Michael | Klein Christoph | Fleck Eckart | Gebker Rolf
Identification of Diabetic Retinopathy Genes through a Genome-Wide Association Study among Mexican-Americans from Starr County, Texas

Author(s): Yi-Ping Fu | D. Michael Hallman | Victor H. Gonzalez | Barbara E. K. Klein | Ronald Klein | M. Geoffrey Hayes | Nancy J. Cox | Graeme I. Bell | Craig L. Hanis
Insulin resistance and glycemic abnormalities are associated with deterioration of left ventricular diastolic function: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Dinh Wilfried | Lankisch Mark | Nickl Werner | Scheyer Daniel | Scheffold Thomas | Kramer Frank | Krahn Thomas | Klein Rolf | Barroso Michael | Füth Reiner
Hacking Summon

Author(s): Michael Klein
Adjuvant glycerol is not beneficial in experimental pneumococcal meningitis

Author(s): Blaser Cornelia | Klein Matthias | Grandgirard Denis | Wittwer Matthias | Peltola Heikki | Weigand Michael | Koedel Uwe | Leib Stephen
Autoreactivity to sweat glands and nerves in clinical scabies infection

Author(s): Ana Maria Abreu Velez | A. Deo Klein III | Michael S. Howard
Synthesis of Chiral 1,4-Disubstituted-1,2,3-Triazole Derivatives from Amino Acids

Author(s): Michael Klein | Karin Krainz | Itedale Namro Redwan | Peter Dinér | Morten Grøtli
Participatory development of a middleware for AAL solutions: requirements and approach – the case of SOPRANO

Author(s): Balfanz, Dirk | Klein, Michael | Schmidt, Andreas | Santi, Marco
Development and evaluation of a Chinese-language newborn needing hotline: A prospective cohort study

Author(s): Janssen Patricia | Livingstone Verity | Chang Bruce | Klein Michael
The Gly2019Ser mutation in LRRK2 is not fully penetrant in familial Parkinson's disease: the GenePD study

Author(s): Latourelle Jeanne | Sun Mei | Lew Mark | Suchowersky Oksana | Klein Christine | Golbe Lawrence | Mark Margery | Growdon John | Wooten G Frederick | Watts Ray | Guttman Mark | Racette Brad | Perlmutter Joel | Ahmed Anwar | Shill Holly | Singer Carlos | Goldwurm Stefano | Pezzoli Gianni | Zini Michela | Saint-Hilaire Marie | Hendricks Audrey | Williamson Sally | Nagle Michael | Wilk Jemma | Massood Tiffany | Huskey Karen | Laramie Jason | DeStefano Anita | Baker Kenneth | Itin Ilia | Litvan Irene | Nicholson Garth | Corbett Alastair | Nance Martha | Drasby Edward | Isaacson Stuart | Burn David | Chinnery Patrick | Pramstaller Peter | Al-hinti Jomana | Moller Anette | Ostergaard Karen | Sherman Scott | Roxburgh Richard | Snow Barry | Slevin John | Cambi Franca | Gusella James | Myers Richard
A BAC pooling strategy combined with PCR-based screenings in a large, highly repetitive genome enables integration of the maize genetic and physical maps

Author(s): Yim Young-Sun | Moak Patricia | Sanchez-Villeda Hector | Musket Theresa | Close Pamela | Klein Patricia | Mullet John | McMullen Michael | Fang Zheiwei | Schaeffer Mary | Gardiner Jack | Coe Edward | Davis Georgia
Inhibition of highly productive HIV-1 infection in T cells, primary human macrophages, microglia, and astrocytes by Sargassum fusiforme

Author(s): Paskaleva Elena | Lin Xudong | Li Wen | Cotter Robin | Klein Michael | Roberge Emily | Yu Er | Clark Bruce | Veille Jean-Claude | Liu Yanze | Lee David | Canki Mario
A modular interface of IL-4 allows for scalable affinity without affecting specificity for the IL-4 receptor

Author(s): Kraich Michael | Klein Markus | Patiño Edwin | Harrer Henning | Nickel Joachim | Sebald Walter | Mueller Thomas
Investigation of altering single-nucleotide polymorphism density on the power to detect trait loci and frequency of false positive in nonparametric linkage analyses of qualitative traits

Author(s): Klein Alison | Tsai Ya-Yu | Duggal Priya | Gillanders Elizabeth | Barnhart Michael | Mathias Rasika | Dusenberry Ian | Turiff Amy | Chines Peter | Goldstein Janet | Wojciechowski Robert | Hening Wayne | Pugh Elizabeth | Bailey-Wilson Joan
DNA index determination with Automated Cellular Imaging System (ACIS) in Barrett's esophagus: Comparison with CAS 200

Author(s): Huang Qin | Yu Chenggong | Klein Michael | Fang James | Goyal Raj
Irinotecan plus folinic acid/continuous 5-fluorouracil as simplified bimonthly FOLFIRI regimen for first-line therapy of metastatic colorectal cancer

Author(s): Teufel Andreas | Steinmann Silke | Siebler Jürgen | Zanke Christiane | Hohl Herbert | Adami Bernd | Schroeder M | Klein O | Höhler Thomas | Galle Peter | Heike Michael | Moehler Markus
Electromagnetic Interference in Patients with Implanted Cardioverter-Defibrillators and Implantable Loop Recorders

Author(s): Marcos de Sousa | Gunnar Klein | Thomas Korte | Michael Niehaus
A mouse model of sitosterolemia: absence of Abcg8/sterolin-2 results in failure to secrete biliary cholesterol

Author(s): Klett Eric | Lu Kangmo | Kosters Astrid | Vink Edwin | Lee Mi-Hye | Altenburg Michael | Shefer Sarah | Batta Ashok | Yu Hongwei | Chen Jianliang | Klein Richard | Looije Norbert | Oude-Elferink Ronald | Groen Albert | Maeda Nobuyo | Salen Gerald | Patel Shailendra
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