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Case Study of Ecstatic Meditation: fMRI and EEG Evidence of Self-Stimulating a Reward System

Author(s): Michael R. Hagerty | Julian Isaacs | Leigh Brasington | Larry Shupe | Eberhard E. Fetz | Steven C. Cramer
Book Reviews

Author(s): M.P.H. Roessingh | Th. P.M. de Jong | G.N. Appell | Michael B. Leigh | R.E. Downs | P. Middelkoop | M.G. Swift | Rosemary Firth | Umar Junus | Harsja W. Bachtiar | William R. Roff | Judith Djamour | Paul Wheatley | O.W. Wolters | M. Leifer | James de V. Allen | P. Voorhoeve | M.A. Jaspan
Development and Validation of a HPV-32 Specific PCR Assay

Author(s): Herrel Nicholas | Johnson Nadia | Cameron Jennifer | Leigh Janet | Hagensee Michael
Evidence for niche adaptation in the genome of the bovine pathogen Streptococcus uberis

Author(s): Ward Philip | Holden Matthew | Leigh James | Lennard Nicola | Bignell Alexandra | Barron Andy | Clark Louise | Quail Michael | Woodward John | Barrell Bart | Egan Sharon | Field Terence | Maskell Duncan | Kehoe Michael | Dowson Christopher | Chanter Neil | Whatmore Adrian | Bentley Stephen | Parkhill Julian
Genomic selection of reference genes for real-time PCR in human myocardium

Author(s): Pilbrow Anna | Ellmers Leigh | Black Michael | Moravec Christine | Sweet Wendy | Troughton Richard | Richards A Mark | Frampton Chris | Cameron Vicky
Electrochemical Characterisation and Application of Multi Microelectrode Array Devices to Biological Electrochemistry

Author(s): Michael Kudera | H. Allen O. Hill | Peter J. Dobson | Peter A. Leigh | William S. McIntire
Rapid evolution in response to introduced predators II: the contribution of adaptive plasticity

Author(s): Latta Leigh | Bakelar Jeremy | Knapp Roland | Pfrender Michael
Expression analysis of the mouse S100A7/psoriasin gene in skin inflammation and mammary tumorigenesis

Author(s): Webb Meghan | Emberley Ethan | Lizardo Michael | Alowami Salem | Qing Gefei | Alfia'ar Abdullah | Snell-Curtis Linda | Niu Yulian | Civetta Alberto | Myal Yvonne | Shiu Robert | Murphy Leigh | Watson Peter
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