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The assessment of atrial function by velocity-encoded magnetic resonance imaging

Author(s): Charles C. Vu | John F. Heitner | Igor Klem | Peter J. Cawley | Anna Lisa C. Crowley | Manesh R. Patel | Jonathan W. Weinsaft | Michele A. Parker | Michael Elliott | Robert M. Judd | Raymond J. Kim | Joseph C. Greenfield Jr.
The practicality and sustainability of a community advisory board at a large medical research unit on the Thai-Myanmar border

Author(s): Khin Maung Lwin | Thomas J. Peto | Nicholas J. White | Nicholas P. J. Day | Francois Nosten | Michael Parker | Phaik Yeong Cheah
MyoD-dependent regulation of NF-κB activity couples cell-cycle withdrawal to myogenic differentiation

Author(s): Parker Maura H | von Maltzahn Julia | Bakkar Nadine | Al-Joubori Ban | Ishibashi Jeff | Guttridge Denis | Rudnicki Michael A
Air Change Rates and Interzonal Flows in Residences, and the Need for Multi-Zone Models for Exposure and Health Analyses

Author(s): Liuliu Du | Stuart Batterman | Christopher Godwin | Jo-Yu Chin | Edith Parker | Michael Breen | Wilma Brakefield | Thomas Robins | Toby Lewis
A Greener Way to Screen Toothpaste for Diethylene Glycol

Author(s): Yale Fu | Zhigang Hao | Barry Parker | Michael Knapp
Passive Sampler for Measurements of Atmospheric Nitric Acid Vapor (HNO3) Concentrations

Author(s): Andrzej Bytnerowicz | Pamela E. Padgett | Michael J. Arbaugh | David R. Parker | David P. Jones
Stakeholders understanding of the concept of benefit sharing in health research in Kenya: a qualitative study

Author(s): Lairumbi Geoffrey | Parker Michael | Fitzpatrick Raymond | Mike English
Kinetics of the Antibacterial Response by Heliothis virescens Larvae

Author(s): Donald D. Ourth | Michael S. Parker
Ethical issues in human genomics research in developing countries

Author(s): de Vries Jantina | Bull Susan | Doumbo Ogobara | Ibrahim Muntaser | Mercereau-Puijalon Odile | Kwiatkowski Dominic | Parker Michael
Researching Effective Strategies to Improve Insulin Sensitivity in Children and Teenagers - RESIST. A randomised control trial investigating the effects of two different diets on insulin sensitivity in young people with insulin resistance and/or pre-diabetes.

Author(s): Garnett Sarah | Baur Louise | Noakes Manny | Steinbeck Katharine | Woodhead Helen | Burrell Susie | Chisholm Kerryn | Broderick Carolyn | Parker Robert | De Sukanya | Shrinivasan Shubha | Hopley Lori | Hendrie Gilly | Ambler Geoffrey | Kohn Michael | Cowell Chris
A comparability study of 5 commercial KRAS tests

Author(s): Oliner Kelly | Juan Todd | Suggs Sid | Wolf Michael | Sarosi Ildiko | Freeman Daniel | Gyuris Tibor | Baron Will | Bakker Andreas | Parker Alex | Patterson Scott
Evidence for Vertical Transmission of HPV from Mothers to Infants

Author(s): Elaine M. Smith | Michael A. Parker | Linda M. Rubenstein | Thomas H. Haugen | Eva Hamsikova | Lubomir P. Turek
A Dynamic Model of Information and Entropy

Author(s): Michael C. Parker | Stuart D. Walker
Impact of an informed choice invitation on uptake of screening for diabetes in primary care (DICISION): trial protocol

Author(s): Mann Eleanor | Prevost A Toby | Griffin Simon | Kellar Ian | Sutton Stephen | Parker Michael | Sanderson Simon | Kinmonth Ann | Marteau Theresa
The involvement of the aorta by cardiac magnetic resonance in the inflammatory process of acute coronary syndrome

Author(s): Bhumireddy Geetha | Heitner John | Cawley Peter | Klem Igor | Patel Manesh | Crowley Anna | Weinsaft Jonathan | Elliott Michael | Parker Michele | Judd Robert | Kim Raymond
Left ventricular systolic dysfunction predicts incremental utility of delayed enhancement CMR vs. echocardiography for diagnosis of LV thrombus

Author(s): Healy Kirsten | Chinitz Jason | Kim Raymond | Shakoor Aqsa | Ross Michael | Cham Matthew | Min James | Parker Michele | Roman Mary | Devereux Richard | Weinsaft Jonathan
Novel Therapeutic Approaches to Treat Alzheimer’s Disease and Memory Disorders

Author(s): David B. Ascher | Gabriela A. N. Crespi | Hooi Ling Ng | Craig J. Morton | Michael W. Parker, et al.
Development of cognitive enhancers based on inhibition of insulin-regulated aminopeptidase

Author(s): Chai Siew | Yeatman Holly | Parker Michael | Ascher David | Thompson Philip | Mulvey Hayley | Albiston Anthony
Physical capacity of rescue personnel in the mining industry

Author(s): Stewart Ian | McDonald Michael | Hunt Andrew | Parker Tony
Centers for Oceans and Human Health: a unified approach to the challenge of harmful algal blooms

Author(s): Erdner Deana | Dyble Julianne | Parsons Michael | Stevens Richard | Hubbard Katherine | Wrabel Michele | Moore Stephanie | Lefebvre Kathi | Anderson Donald | Bienfang Paul | Bidigare Robert | Parker Micaela | Moeller Peter | Brand Larry | Trainer Vera
The molecular portraits of breast tumors are conserved across microarray platforms

Author(s): Hu Zhiyuan | Fan Cheng | Oh Daniel | Marron JS | He Xiaping | Qaqish Bahjat | Livasy Chad | Carey Lisa | Reynolds Evangeline | Dressler Lynn | Nobel Andrew | Parker Joel | Ewend Matthew | Sawyer Lynda | Wu Junyuan | Liu Yudong | Nanda Rita | Tretiakova Maria | Orrico Alejandra | Dreher Donna | Palazzo Juan | Perreard Laurent | Nelson Edward | Mone Mary | Hansen Heidi | Mullins Michael | Quackenbush John | Ellis Matthew | Olopade Olufunmilayo | Bernard Philip | Perou Charles
Prediction of cystine connectivity using SVM (support vector machines)

Author(s): Jayavardhana Rama G. L. | Alistair P. Shilton | Michael M. Parker | Marimuthu Palaniswami
Major Structural Differences and Novel Potential Virulence Mechanisms from the Genomes of Multiple Campylobacter Species

Author(s): Fouts Derrick E | Mongodin Emmanuel F | Mandrell Robert E | Miller William G | Rasko David A | Ravel Jacques | Brinkac Lauren M | DeBoy Robert T | Parker Craig T | Daugherty Sean C | Dodson Robert J | Durkin A. Scott | Madupu Ramana | Sullivan Steven A | Shetty Jyoti U | Ayodeji Mobolanle A | Shvartsbeyn Alla | Schatz Michael C | Badger Jonathan H | Fraser Claire M | Nelson Karen E
Long-term survival from gastrocolic fistula secondary to adenocarcinoma of the transverse colon

Author(s): Forshaw Matthew | Dastur Jamasp | Murali Kothandaraman | Parker Michael
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