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CXB-909 Attenuates Cognitive Deficits in the Mu-P-75 Saporin Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease

Author(s): Steven Lowrance | Jessica Matchynski | Julien Rossignol | Nicholas Dekorver | Michael Sandstrom | Gary Dunbar
P14-14 LB. A low dose of multigene, multiclade HIV DNA given intradermally induces strong and broad immune responses after boosting with heterologous HIV MVA

Author(s): Bakari M | Aboud S | Nilsson C | Francis J | Buma D | Moshiro C | Aris EA | Lyamuya E | Janabi M | Mbwana J | Mwanyika L | Stout R | Hejdeman B | Brave A | Robb M | Marovich M | Michael N | Earl P | Moss B | Wahren B | Biberfeld G | Pallangyo K | Mhalu F | Sandstrom E

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