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Increasing trend in the rate of infectious disease hospitalisations among Alaska Native people

Author(s): Robert C. Holman | Thomas W. Hennessy | Dana L. Haberling | Laura S. Callinan | Rosalyn J. Singleton | John T. Redd | Claudia A. Steiner | Michael G. Bruce
Audiological issues and hearing loss among Veterans with mild traumatic brain injury

Author(s): Michael Oleksiak | Bridget M. Smith, PhD | Justin R. St. Andre, MA | Carly M. Caughlan, AuD | Monica Steiner, MD
The high-affinity binding site for tricyclic antidepressants resides in the outer vestibule of the serotonin transporter

Author(s): Sarker Subhodeep | Weissensteiner René | Steiner Ilka | Sitte Harald | Ecker Gerhard | Freissmuth Michael | Sucic Sonja
Detecting the start of an influenza outbreak using exponentially weighted moving average charts

Author(s): Steiner Stefan | Grant Kristina | Coory Michael | Kelly Heath
Validation of a Blood-Based Laboratory Test to Aid in the Confirmation of a Diagnosis of Schizophrenia

Author(s): Emanuel Schwarz | Rauf Izmailov | Michael Spain | Anthony Barnes | James P. Mapes | Paul C. Guest | Hassan Rahmoune | Sandra Pietsch | F. Markus Leweke | Matthias Rothermundt | Johann Steiner | Dagmar Koethe | Laura Kranaster | Patricia Ohrmann | Thomas Suslow | Yishai Levin | Bernhard Bogerts | Nico (JM) van Beveren | George McAllister | Natalya Weber | David Niebuhr | David Cowan | Robert H. Yolken | Sabine Bahn
Synthesis of lipophilic 1-deoxygalactonojirimycin derivatives as D-galactosidase inhibitors

Author(s): Georg Schitter | Elisabeth Scheucher | Andreas J. Steiner | Arnold E. Stütz | Martin Thonhofer | Chris A. Tarling | Stephen G. Withers | Jacqueline Wicki | Katrin Fantur | Eduard Paschke | Don J. Mahuran | Brigitte A. Rigat | Michael Tropak | Tanja M. Wrodnigg
Lasting immune memory against hepatitis B in children after primary immunization with 4 doses of DTPa-HBV-IPV/Hib in the first and 2nd year of life

Author(s): Steiner Michael | Ramakrishnan Gunasekaran | Gartner Britta | Van Der Meeren Olivier | Jacquet Jeanne-Marie | Schuster Volker
The National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) for Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Rutland (LNR): a programme protocol

Author(s): Baker Richard | Robertson Noelle | Rogers Stephen | Davies Melanie | Brunskill Nigel | Khunti Kamlesh | Steiner Michael | Williams Martin | Sinfield Paul
Tolerability of inhaled N-chlorotaurine in the pig model

Author(s): Geiger Ralf | Treml Benedikt | Pinna Anna | Barnickel Linn | Prossliner Harald | Reinstadler Hannes | Pilch Michael | Hauer Maria | Walther Christoph | Steiner Hans-Jörg | Giese Thomas | Wemhöner Andreas | Scholl-Bürgi Sabine | Gottardi Waldemar | Arnitz Roland | Sergi Consolato | Nagl Markus | Löckinger Alexander
Does creatine supplementation enhance the effects of physical training during pulmonary rehabilitation in COPD?

Author(s): Sarah. J. Deacon | Emma. E. Vincent | Sally. J. Singh | Michael. C. Steiner | Paul Greenhaff | Michael. D. Morgan
Adaptive Learning Environments: A Requirements Analysis in Business Settings

Author(s): Kai Michael Höver | Christina Steiner
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