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Calreticulin Is a Negative Regulator of Bronchial Smooth Muscle Cell Proliferation

Author(s): Nicola Miglino | Michael Roth | Didier Lardinois | Michael Tamm | Peter Borger
DMF inhibits PDGF-BB induced airway smooth muscle cell proliferation through induction of heme-oxygenase-1

Author(s): Seidel Petra | Goulet Stephanie | Hostettler Katrin | Tamm Michael | Roth Michael
Therapeutic bronchoscopy for malignant airway stenoses: Choice of modality and survival

Author(s): Chhajed Prashant | Somandin Stephanie | Baty Florent | Mehta Ankur | Azzola Andrea | Leuppi Joerg | Tamm Michael | Brutsche Martin
Endothelin-1 precursor peptides correlate with severity of disease and outcome in patients with community acquired pneumonia

Author(s): Schuetz Philipp | Stolz Daiana | Mueller Beat | Morgenthaler Nils | Struck Joachim | Mueller Christian | Bingisser Roland | Tamm Michael | Christ-Crain Mirjam
Diagnostic and prognostic accuracy of clinical and laboratory parameters in community-acquired pneumonia

Author(s): Müller Beat | Harbarth Stephan | Stolz Daiana | Bingisser Roland | Mueller Christian | Leuppi Jörg | Nusbaumer Charly | Tamm Michael | Christ-Crain Mirjam
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