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New proteins and protein species identified in human umbilical vein endothelial cells by Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance-mass spectrometry

Author(s): Bruno Baudin | Arnaud Bruneel | Pascal Pernet | Michel Vaubourdolle | Iman Haddad | Paulo Marcelo | Jean Rossier | Joëlle Vinh
"HoneySweet" Plum—A Valuable Genetically Engineered Fruit-Tree Cultivar

Author(s): Michel Ravelonandro | Ralph Scorza | Jaroslav Polak | Ann Callahan | Boris Krška | Jiban Kundu | Pascal Briard
Early dynamic transcriptomic changes during preoperative radiotherapy in patients with rectal cancer: A feasibility study

Author(s): Stephane Supiot | Wilfried Gouraud | Loïc Campion | Pascal Jezéquel | Bruno Buecher | Josiane Charrier | Marie-Francoise Heymann | Marc-Andre Mahé | Emmanuel Rio | Michel Chérel
Measuring the Quality of Life in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis in Clinical Practice: A Necessary Challenge

Author(s): Karine Baumstarck | Laurent Boyer | Mohamed Boucekine | Pierre Michel | Jean Pelletier | Pascal Auquier
Waypoints on a Journey of Discovery: Mental Models in Human-Environment Interactions

Author(s): Timothy Lynam | Raphael Mathevet | Michel Etienne | Samantha Stone-Jovicich | Anne Leitch | Nathalie Jones | Helen Ross | Derick Du Toit | Sharon Pollard | Harry Biggs | Pascal Perez
BRASERO: A Resource for Benchmarking RNA Secondary Structure Comparison Algorithms

Author(s): Julien Allali | Cédric Saule | Cédric Chauve | Yves d’Aubenton-Carafa | Alain Denise | Christine Drevet | Pascal Ferraro | Daniel Gautheret | Claire Herrbach | Fabrice Leclerc | Antoine de Monte | Aida Ouangraoua | Marie-France Sagot | Michel Termier | Claude Thermes | Hélène Touzet
Nemesia Root Hair Response to Paper Pulp Substrate for Micropropagation

Author(s): Pascal Labrousse | David Delmail | Raphaël Decou | Michel Carlué | Sabine Lhernould | Pierre Krausz
Population pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of hydroxyurea in sickle cell anemia patients, a basis for optimizing the dosing regimen

Author(s): Paule Ines | Sassi Hind | Habibi Anoosha | Pham Kim | Bachir Dora | Galactéros Frédéric | Girard Pascal | Hulin Anne | Tod Michel
Biomarkers of oxidative stress and its association with the urinary reducing capacity in bus maintenance workers

Author(s): Sauvain Jean-Jacques | Setyan Ari | Wild Pascal | Tacchini Philippe | Lagger Grégoire | Storti Ferdinand | Deslarzes Simon | Guillemin Michel | Rossi Michel | Riediker Michael
Patient education improves adherence to peg-interferon and ribavirin in chronic genotype 2 or 3 hepatitis C virus infection: A prospective, real-life, observational study

Author(s): Patrice Cacoub, Denis Ouzan, Pascal Melin, Jean-Philippe Lang, Michel Rotily, Thierry Fontanges, Marina Varastet, Michel Chousterman, Patrick Marcellin
Geographical variation of Crohn's disease residual incidence in the Province of Quebec, Canada

Author(s): Michel Pascal | St-Onge Laurie | Lowe Anne-Marie | Bigras-Poulin Michel | Brassard Paul
Can treatment of malaria be restricted to parasitologically confirmed malaria? A school-based study in Benin in children with and without fever

Author(s): Faucher Jean-François | Makoutode Patrick | Abiou Grace | Béhéton Todoégnon | Houzé Pascal | Ouendo Edgard | Houzé Sandrine | Deloron Philippe | Cot Michel
Steroidogenic factor-1 (SF-1) gene mutation as a frequent cause of primary amenorrhea in 46,XY female adolescents with low testosterone concentration

Author(s): Philibert Pascal | Leprieur Elodie | Zenaty Delphine | Thibaud Elisabeth | Polak Michel | Frances Anne-Marie | Lespinasse James | Raingeard Isabelle | Servant Nadège | Audran Françoise | Paris Françoise | Sultan Charles
Evolution of malaria mortality and morbidity after the emergence of chloroquine resistance in Niakhar, Senegal

Author(s): Munier Aline | Diallo Aldiouma | Marra Adama | Cot Michel | Arduin Pascal | Ndiaye Ousmane | Mboup Balla | Gning Barnabé | Chippaux Jean-Philippe
Origin and evolution of the Notch signalling pathway: an overview from eukaryotic genomes

Author(s): Gazave Eve | Lapébie Pascal | Richards Gemma | Brunet Frédéric | Ereskovsky Alexander | Degnan Bernard | Borchiellini Carole | Vervoort Michel | Renard Emmanuelle
Limitations in a frataxin knockdown cell model for Friedreich ataxia in a high-throughput drug screen

Author(s): Calmels Nadège | Seznec Hervé | Villa Pascal | Reutenauer Laurence | Hibert Marcel | Haiech Jacques | Rustin Pierre | Koenig Michel | Puccio Hélène
Generation and analysis of a 29,745 unique Expressed Sequence Tags from the Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) assembled into a publicly accessible database: the GigasDatabase

Author(s): Fleury Elodie | Huvet Arnaud | Lelong Christophe | de Lorgeril Julien | Boulo Viviane | Gueguen Yannick | Bachère Evelyne | Tanguy Arnaud | Moraga Dario | Fabioux Caroline | Lindeque Penelope | Shaw Jenny | Reinhardt Richard | Prunet Patrick | Davey Grace | Lapègue Sylvie | Sauvage Christopher | Corporeau Charlotte | Moal Jeanne | Gavory Frederick | Wincker Patrick | Moreews François | Klopp Christophe | Mathieu Michel | Boudry Pierre | Favrel Pascal
An Adaptive Message Passing MPSoC Framework

Author(s): Gabriel Marchesan Almeida | Gilles Sassatelli | Pascal Benoit | Nicolas Saint-Jean | Sameer Varyani | Lionel Torres | Michel Robert
Comparison of different spatial strategies for sampling a core collection of natural populations of fodder crops

Author(s): Balfourier François | Charmet Gilles | Prosperi Jean-Marie | Goulard Michel | Monestiez Pascal
Anti-malarial prescriptions in three health care facilities after the emergence of chloroquine resistance in Niakhar, Senegal (1992–2004)

Author(s): Munier Aline | Diallo Aldiouma | Cot Michel | Ndiaye Ousmane | Arduin Pascal | Chippaux Jean-Philippe
Oxidative stress and immunologic responses following a dietary exposure to PAHs in Mya arenaria

Author(s): Pichaud Nicolas | Pellerin Jocelyne | Fournier Michel | Gauthier-Clerc Sophie | Rioux Pascal | Pelletier Émilien
Synthesis of New Potentially Bioactive Bicyclic 2-Pyridones

Author(s): Maxime D. Crozet | Pascal George | Michel P. Crozet | Patrice Vanelle
Parallel assessment of male reproductive function in workers and wild rats exposed to pesticides in banana plantations in Guadeloupe

Author(s): Multigner Luc | Kadhel Philippe | Pascal Michel | Huc-Terki Farida | Kercret Henri | Massart Catherine | Janky Eustase | Auger Jacques | Jégou Bernard
Association of ABCB1 genetic variants with renal function in Africans and in Caucasians

Author(s): Bochud Murielle | Eap Chin | Maillard Marc | Johnson Toby | Vollenweider Peter | Bovet Pascal | Elston Robert | Bergmann Sven | Beckmann Jacques | Waterworth Dawn | Mooser Vincent | Gabriel Anne | Burnier Michel
Risk maps for range expansion of the Lyme disease vector, Ixodes scapularis, in Canada now and with climate change

Author(s): Ogden Nicholas | St-Onge Laurie | Barker Ian | Brazeau Stéphanie | Bigras-Poulin Michel | Charron Dominique | Francis Charles | Heagy Audrey | Lindsay L Robbin | Maarouf Abdel | Michel Pascal | Milord François | O'Callaghan Christopher | Trudel Louise | Thompson R Alex
Acute bacterial prostatitis: heterogeneity in diagnostic criteria and management. Retrospective multicentric analysis of 371 patients diagnosed with acute prostatitis

Author(s): Etienne Manuel | Chavanet Pascal | Sibert Louis | Michel Frédéric | Levesque Hervé | Lorcerie Bernard | Doucet Jean | Pfitzenmeyer Pierre | Caron François
Chromatographic, Spectrometric and NMR Characterization of a New Set of Glucuronic Acid Esters Synthesized by Lipase

Author(s): Benoît Moreau | Georges Lognay | Christophe Blecker | Jacqueline Destain | Pascal Gerbaux | Florence Chéry | Patrick Rollin | Michel Paquot | Michel Marlier
L'évolution contrastée du littoral de l'île de la Martinique

Author(s): Pascal Saffache | Michel Desse
Geographical and temporal distribution of human giardiasis in Ontario, Canada

Author(s): Odoi Agricola | Martin S Wayne | Michel Pascal | Holt John | Middleton Dean | Wilson Jeff
Monitoring one-year compliance to antihypertension medication in the Seychelles

Author(s): Bovet Pascal | Burnier Michel | Madeleine George | Waeber Bernard | Paccaud Fred
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