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Health knowledge among the millennial generation

Author(s): Tom Lloyd | Michele L. Shaffer | Christy Stetter | Mark D. Widome | John Repke | Michael R. Weitekamp | Paul J. Eslinger | Sandra S. Bargainnier | Ian M. Paul
Multimedia Education Increases Elder Knowledge of Emergency Department Care

Author(s): Thomas E. Terndrup | Sameer Ali | Steve Hulse | Michele Shaffer | Tom Lloyd
Insomnia Symptoms and Sleep Duration Are Associated with Impaired Cardiac Autonomic Modulation in Children

Author(s): Sol M. Rodríguez-Colón | Fan He | Michele L. Shaffer | Xian Li | Alexandros N. Vgontzas | Edward O. Bixler | Rongling Wu | Duanping Liao
Acute effects of fine particulate air pollution on ST segment height: A longitudinal study

Author(s): He Fan | Shaffer Michele | Rodriguez-Colon Sol | Bixler Edward | Vgontzas Alexandros | Williams Ronald | Wu Rongling | Cascio Wayne | Liao Duanping
Evaluation of a new self-contained, ambulatory, objective cough monitor

Author(s): Paul Ian | Wai Kitman | Jewell Steven | Shaffer Michele | Varadan Vasundara
The impact of population heterogeneity on risk estimation in genetic counseling

Author(s): Liu Wenlei | Icitovic Nikolina | Shaffer Michele | Chase Gary
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