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Management of people with acute low-back pain: a survey of Australian chiropractors

Author(s): Walker Bruce F | French Simon D | Page Matthew J | O'Connor Denise A | McKenzie Joanne E | Beringer Katherine | Murphy Kerry | Keating Jenny L | Michie Susan | Francis Jill J | Green Sally E
Assessing implementation difficulties in tobacco use prevention and cessation counselling among dental providers

Author(s): Amemori Masamitsu | Michie Susan | Korhonen Tellervo | Murtomaa Heikki | Kinnunen Taru
A cluster randomised controlled trial of the efficacy of a brief walking intervention delivered in primary care: Study protocol

Author(s): French David | Williams Stefanie | Michie Susan | Taylor Claire | Szczepura Ala | Stallard Nigel | Dale Jeremy
The translation research in a dental setting (TRiaDS) programme protocol

Author(s): Clarkson Jan | Ramsay Craig | Eccles Martin | Eldridge Sandra | Grimshaw Jeremy | Johnston Marie | Michie Susan | Treweek Shaun | Walker Alan | Young Linda | Black Irene | Bonetti Debbie | Cassie Heather | Francis Jill | MacKenzie Gillian | MacPherson Lorna | McKee Lorna | Pitts Nigel | Rennie Jim | Stirling Doug | Tilley Colin | Torgerson Carole | Vale Luke
Assessing the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of adaptive e-Learning to improve dietary behaviour: protocol for a systematic review

Author(s): Edwards Phil | Felix Lambert | Harris Jody | Ferguson Elaine | Free Caroline | Landon Jane | Lock Karen | Michie Susan | Miners Alec | Murray Elizabeth
Rapid reduction versus abrupt quitting for smokers who want to stop soon: a randomised controlled non-inferiority trial

Author(s): Lindson Nicola | Aveyard Paul | Ingram Jackie | Inglis Jennie | Beach Jane | West Robert | Michie Susan
A method for studying decision-making by guideline development groups

Author(s): Gardner Benjamin | Davidson Rosemary | McAteer John | Michie Susan
Specifying and reporting complex behaviour change interventions: the need for a scientific method

Author(s): Michie Susan | Fixsen Dean | Grimshaw Jeremy | Eccles Martin
An implementation research agenda

Author(s): Eccles Martin | Armstrong David | Baker Richard | Cleary Kevin | Davies Huw | Davies Stephen | Glasziou Paul | Ilott Irene | Kinmonth Ann-Louise | Leng Gillian | Logan Stuart | Marteau Theresa | Michie Susan | Rogers Hugh | Rycroft-Malone Jo | Sibbald Bonnie
IMPLEmenting a clinical practice guideline for acute low back pain evidence-based manageMENT in general practice (IMPLEMENT): Cluster randomised controlled trial study protocol

Author(s): McKenzie Joanne | French Simon | O'Connor Denise | Grimshaw Jeremy | Mortimer Duncan | Michie Susan | Francis Jill | Spike Neil | Schattner Peter | Kent Peter | Buchbinder Rachelle | Green Sally
Turning evidence into recommendations: Protocol of a study guideline development groups

Author(s): Michie Susan | Berentson-Shaw Jessica | Pilling Stephen | Feder Gene | Dieppe Paul | Raine Rosalind | Cluzeau Francoise | Alderson Phil | Ellis Simon
Difficulties implementing a mental health guideline: an exploratory investigation using psychological theory

Author(s): Michie Susan | Pilling Stephen | Garety Philippa | Whitty Paula | Eccles Martin | Johnston Marie | Simmons Jemma
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