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Excess direct medical costs of severe obesity by socioeconomic status in German adults

Author(s): Thomas von Lengerke | Jürgen John | Andreas Mielck | KORA Study Group
Inequalities in utilisation of general practitioner and specialist services in 9 European countries

Author(s): Stirbu Irina | Kunst Anton | Mielck Andreas | Mackenbach Johan
The impact of the social environment on children's mental health in a prosperous city: an analysis with data from the city of Munich

Author(s): Perna Laura | Bolte Gabriele | Mayrhofer Heidi | Spies Gabriele | Mielck Andreas
Blood glucose testing and primary prevention of diabetes mellitus type 2 - evaluation of the effect of evidence based patient information

Author(s): Genz Jutta | Haastert Burkhard | Meyer Gabriele | Steckelberg Anke | Müller Hardy | Verheyen Frank | Cole Dennis | Rathmann Wolfgang | Nowotny Bettina | Roden Michael | Giani Guido | Mielck Andreas | Ohmann Christian | Icks Andrea
Living with a partner and health care use – results from the MONICA survey Augsburg in Southern Germany

Author(s): Huber, Carola A. | Baumeister, Sebastian E. | Ladwig, Karl-Heinz | Mielck, Andreas
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