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Genome-wide association study of HLA-DQB1*06:02 negative essential hypersomnia

Author(s): Seik-Soon Khor | Taku Miyagawa | Hiromi Toyoda | Maria Yamasaki | Yoshiya Kawamura | Hisashi Tanii | Yuji Okazaki | Tsukasa Sasaki | Ling Lin | Juliette Faraco | Tom Rico | Yutaka Honda | Makoto Honda | Emmanuel Mignot | Katsushi Tokunaga
Association of narcolepsy-cataplexy with HLA-DRB1 and DQB1 in Mexican patients: A relationship between HLA and gender is suggested

Author(s): Alaez Carmen | Lin Ling | Flores-A Hilario | Vazquez Miriam | Munguia Andrea | Mignot Emmanuel | Haro Reyes | Baker Harry | Gorodezky Clara
The type III neurofilament peripherin is expressed in the tuberomammillary neurons of the mouse

Author(s): Eriksson Krister | Zhang Shengwen | Lin Ling | Larivière Roxanne | Julien Jean-Pierre | Mignot Emmanuel
Reduced expression of TAC1, PENK and SOCS2 in Hcrtr-2 mutated narcoleptic dog brain

Author(s): Lindberg Julia | Saetre Peter | Nishino Seiji | Mignot Emmanuel | Jazin Elena
Polymorphisms within the canine MLPH gene are associated with dilute coat color in dogs

Author(s): Philipp Ute | Hamann Henning | Mecklenburg Lars | Nishino Seiji | Mignot Emmanuel | Günzel-Apel Anne-Rose | Schmutz Sheila | Leeb Tosso
Short Sleep Duration Is Associated with Reduced Leptin, Elevated Ghrelin, and Increased Body Mass Index

Author(s): Taheri Shahrad | Lin Ling | Austin Diane | Young Terry | Mignot Emmanuel
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