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Chromosome numbers, meiotic behavior and pollen fertility in a collection of Paspalum nicorae Parodi accessions

Author(s): Camila Aparecida de Oliveira dos Reis | Maria Teresa Schifino-Wittmann | Miguel Dall´Agnol
Analysis of genetic diversity in the core collection of red clover (Trifolium pratense) with isozyme and RAPD markers

Author(s): Paula Menna Barreto Dias | Viviane Falkembach Pretz | Miguel Dall’Agnol | Maria Teresa Schifino-Wittmann | Jose Angelo Zuanazzi
Leaf anatomic characterization of populations of Bromus auleticus Trin. Ex Nees (Poaceae)

Author(s): Cercí Maria Carneiro | Marta Vanise Bordignon | Simone Meredith Scheffer-Basso | Miguel Dall’Agnol
Auto-incompatibilidade em plantas

Author(s): Schifino-Wittmann Maria Teresa | Dall?Agnol Miguel
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