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The occurrence of Trichophytosis among people and cattle on a farm in Vojvodina, Serbia

Author(s): Potkonjak Aleksandar S. | Lako Branislav L. | Vračar Vuk S. | Jovanović Marina A. | Čanak Grozdana J. | Suvajdžić Ljiljana Đ. | Milanov Dubravka S.
Sylvatic trichinosis - role of wild animals in cycle of spread of trichinosis in Serbia

Author(s): Petrović Jelena | Pušić Ivan | Apić Jelena | Milanov Dubravka | Grgić Živoslav | Đorđević Vesna | Matekalo-Sverak Vesna
Epizootiological and clinical characteristics of bovine dermatophytosis caused by Trichophyton verrucosum

Author(s): Potkonjak Aleksandar | Kovačević Jovan | Suvajdžić Ljiljana | Tomić Dijana | Lako Bjanka | Milanov Dubravka
Arcanobacterium pyogenes: Virulence factors, importance in mastitis etiology and therapeutic (im)possibilities

Author(s): Milanov Dubravka | Petrović Jelena | Kapetanov Miloš | Suvajdžić Ljiljana
Contemporary food safety trends: Antimicrobial resistance in zoonotic pathogens

Author(s): Petrović Jelena | Milanov Dubravka | Ratajac Radomir
Endometritis therapy in sows by intra uterine instillation of yeast cell wall solution

Author(s): Lazarević M. | Milovanović A. | Barna T. | Miljas N. | Milanov Dubravka
Study on clinical and laboratory diagnostic of Lyme disease in dogs after experimental infection

Author(s): Savić Sara | Vidić Branka | Grgić Ž. | Milanov Dubravka | Stojanović Dragica | Šeguljev Zorica
Investigation of dissemination of aspergillosis in poultry and possible control measures

Author(s): Kapetanov Miloš C. | Potkonjak Dubravka V. | Milanov Dubravka S. | Stojanov Igor M. | Živkov-Baloš Milica M. | Prunić Bojana Z.
Fumonisins and co-occurring mycotoxins in north Serbian corn

Author(s): Jakšić Sandra M. | Prunić Bojana Z. | Milanov Dubravka S. | Jajić Igor M. | Bjelica Luka J. | Abramović Biljana F.
Characteristics and importance of the genus Prototheca in human and veterinary medicine

Author(s): Milanov Dubravka S. | Suvajdžić Ljiljana Ð.
Slime production and biofilm forming ability by Staphylococcus aureus bovine mastitis isolates

Author(s): Milanov Dubravka | Lazić S. | Vidić Branka | Petrović Jelena | Bugarski D. | Šeguljev Zorica
Determination of flumequine residues in broiler chickens with HPLC and screening method

Author(s): Petrović Jelena | Baltić M. | Stefanović S. | Milanov Dubravka | Ratajac Radomir
Scanning electron microscopy of Listeria monocytogenes biofilms on stainless steel surfaces

Author(s): Milanov Dubravka | Ašanin Ružica | Vidić Branka | Krnjaić D. | Petrović Jelena | Savić Sara
Investigation of biofilm formation in vitro ability of Listeria monocytogenes strains isolated from animals

Author(s): Milanov Dubravka | Ašanin Ružica | Mišić D. | Vidić Branka | Ratajac R.
Outbreak of endemic form of protothecal mastitis on a dairy farm

Author(s): Milanov Dubravka | Suvajdžić Ljiljana | Pušić I. | Vidić Branka | Đorđević-Milić Vukosava
Detection of the classical swine fever virus antigen following experimental infection

Author(s): Milanov Dubravka | Ašanin Ružica | Đurišić Slavko | Suvajdžić Ljiljana | Lazić Sava
Chromosome changes in cattle on the farms in Serbia

Author(s): Košarčić Slavica | Kovacs A. | Košarčić D. | Suvajdžić Ljiljana | Kovačević Mira | Kapetanov M. | Milanov Dubravka | Živkov-Baloš Milica
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