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Therapeutic concentrations of glucagon-like peptide-1 in cerebrospinal fluid following cell-based delivery into the cerebral ventricles of cats

Author(s): Glage Silke | Klinge Petra M | Miller Miles C | Wallrapp Christine | Geigle Peter | Hedrich Hans J | Brinker Thomas
Cystic fibrosis testing in a referral laboratory: results and lessons from a six-year period

Author(s): Ridge Perry G | Miller Christine | Bayrak-Toydemir Pinar | Best D Hunter | Mao Rong | Swensen Jeffrey J | Lyon Elaine | Voelkerding Karl V
Ethanol and acetaldehyde mediate folic acid and human papillomavirus-induced proliferation of oral squamous cell carcinoma cells in vitro

Author(s): Kingsley Karl | Struthers Michael | Freel Nicholas | Enyeart John | Munford William | Miller Cassie N | Spangelo Bryan | Steffen Joshua | Park Griffin | Keiserman Mark A | Bergman Christine J
Risk factors for norovirus outbreaks associated with attack rate and genogroup

Author(s): Jamie Felzer | Jonathan Matthews | Ben Dickey | Rebecca Miller | Brad Dawson | Alice Lee | Jennifer Rocks | Christine Moe | Joe Eisenberg | Juan Leon
Determinants of Catch-Up Growth in International Adoptees from Eastern Europe

Author(s): Miller BradleyS | Kroupina MariaG | Mason Patrick | Iverson SandraL | Narad Christine | Himes JohnH | Johnson DanaE | Petryk Anna
Xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus is not associated with chronic fatigue syndrome in patients from different areas of the us in the 1990s

Author(s): Ali Mir | Dale Janet | Kozak Christine | Goldbach-Mansky Raphaela | Miller Frederick | Straus Stephen | Cohen Jeffrey
An International Quiet Ocean Experiment

Author(s): Ian Boyd | George Frisk | Ed Urban | Peter Tyack | Jesse Ausubel | Sophie Seeyave | Doug Cato | Brandon Southall | Michael Weise | Rex Andrew | Tomonari Akamatsu | René Dekeling | Christine Erbe | David Farmer | Roger Gentry | Tom Gross | Anthony Hawkins | Fenghua Li | Kathy Metcalf | James H. Miller | David Moretti | Cristian Rodrigo | Tomio Shinke
Determinants of Catch-Up Growth in International Adoptees from Eastern Europe

Author(s): Bradley S. Miller | Maria G. Kroupina | Patrick Mason | Sandra L. Iverson | Christine Narad | John H. Himes | Dana E. Johnson | Anna Petryk
Macrophage CD74 contributes to MIF-induced pulmonary inflammation

Author(s): Takahashi Koichiro | Koga Kiyokazu | Linge Helena | Zhang Yinzhong | Lin Xinchun | Metz Christine | Al-Abed Yousef | Ojamaa Kaie | Miller Edmund
Olive oil and haemostasis

Author(s): Kelly, Colette N.M. | Miller, George J. | Williams, Christine M.
Immortalization of mouse myogenic cells can occur without loss of p16INK4a, p19ARF, or p53 and is accelerated by inactivation of Bax

Author(s): Nowak Jonathan | Malowitz Jonathan | Girgenrath Mahasweta | Kostek Christine | Kravetz Amanda | Dominov Janice | Miller Jeffrey
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