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A Cross-Layer Design Combining of AMC with HARQ for DSRC Systems

Author(s): Gao Yuan Zhang | Li Min Sun | Hong Wen | Bin Wu | Xiping Zhu | Liang Zhou
QPLOT: A Quality Assessment Tool for Next Generation Sequencing Data

Author(s): Bingshan Li | Xiaowei Zhan | Mary-Kate Wing | Paul Anderson | Hyun Min Kang | Goncalo R. Abecasis
Preparation and characterization of multifunctional magnetic mesoporous calcium silicate materials

Author(s): Jianhua Zhang, Yufang Zhu, Jie Li, Min Zhu, Cuilian Tao and Nobutaka Hanagata
Research on the Design of an Optical Information Storage Sensing System Using a Diffractive Optical Element

Author(s): Xuemin Cheng | Qun Hao | Jianbo Hou | Xiangping Li | Jianshe Ma | Min Gu
Morphological observation of necroptosis after renal ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats

Author(s): Guo-jin LI | Lu ZHANG | Chang-zheng MU | Xiao-feng SONG | Min GUO
Kaempferol Promotes Apoptosis in Human Bladder Cancer Cells by Inducing the Tumor Suppressor, PTEN

Author(s): Feng Xie | Ming Su | Wei Qiu | Min Zhang | Zhongqiang Guo | Boxing Su | Jie Liu | Xuesong Li | Liqun Zhou
Utility of 64-MSCT in assessing acute non-reperfused myocardial infarct size

Author(s): Xin-Kai Qu | Wei-Yi Fang | Jian-Ding Ye | Shao-Feng Guan | Ruo-Gu Li | Ying-Jia Xu | Yan Shen | Min Zhang | Hua Liu
Hypermethylated FAM5C and MYLK in Serum as Diagnosis and Pre-Warning Markers for Gastric Cancer

Author(s): Lu Chen | Liping Su | Jianfang Li | Yanan Zheng | Beiqin Yu | Yingyan Yu | Min Yan | Qinlong Gu | Zhenggang Zhu | Bingya Liu
Comparison of bryophyte diversity in West Tianmu Mountain from 1977 to 2011

Author(s): Daihua Wang | Youfang Wang | Qin Zuo | Min Li | Qianqian Wei | Xiaoqin Li | Mingshui Zhao
Research on the Production Scheduling Optimization for Virtual Enterprises

Author(s): Min Huang | Ruixian Huang | Bo Sun | Linrong Li
Functions of Heterogeneous Nuclear Ribonucleoproteins in Stem Cell Potency and Differentiation

Author(s): Qishan Chen | Min Jin | Jianhua Zhu | Qingzhong Xiao | Li Zhang
Notch1 Activation Up-Regulates Pancreatic and Duodenal Homeobox-1

Author(s): Shi-He Liu | Guisheng Zhou | Juehua Yu | James Wu | John Nemunaitis | Neil Senzer | David Dawson | Min Li | William E. Fisher | F. Charles Brunicardi
Effects of propranolol or propranolol plus isosorbide-5-mononitrate on variceal pressure in schistosomiasis

Author(s): De-Run Kong | Chao Ma | Min Wang | Jing-Guang Wang | Chen Chen | Lei Zhang | Jia-Hu Hao | Pan Li | Jian-Ming Xu
Visual Object Tracking Based on 2DPCA and ML

Author(s): Ming-Xin Jiang | Min Li | Hong-Yu Wang
A Dynamic Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets Applied to Pattern Recognition

Author(s): Zhenhua Zhang | Min Wang | Yong Hu | Jingyu Yang | Youpei Ye | Yafang Li
Association of CFH and CFB Gene Polymorphisms with Retinopathy in Type 2 Diabetic Patients

Author(s): Jun Wang | Ming Ming Yang | Yan Bo Li | Guo Dong Liu | Yan Teng | Xiao Min Liu
Normal Vector Based Subdivision Scheme to Generate Fractal Curves

Author(s): Yi Li | Hongchan Zheng | Guohua Peng | Min Zhou
Normal Vector Based Subdivision Scheme to Generate Fractal Curves

Author(s): Yi Li | Hongchan Zheng | Guohua Peng | Min Zhou
A Mixed Two-dimensional Linear Discriminate Method

Author(s): Shuang Xu | Min Li | Yanqiu Cui
Voice Collection under Different Spectrum

Author(s): Min Li | Yu-duo Wang
Total Variation based Multivariate Shearlet Shrinkage for Image Reconstruction

Author(s): Chengzhi Deng | Saifeng Hu | Wei Tian | Min Hu | Yan Li | Shengqian Wang
Learning Representative Features for Robot Topological Localization

Author(s): Zeng-Shun Zhao | Xiang Feng | Fang Wei | Yan-Yan Lin | Yi-Bin Li | Zeng-Guang Hou | Min Tan
An Optimized Floating-Point Matrix Multiplication on FPGA

Author(s): Ting Zhang | Cheng Xu | Tao Li | Yunchuan Qin | Min Nie
The sensitivity and specificity of one field non-mydriatic digital fundus photography for DR screening

Author(s): Bin-Bin Li | Min Zeng | Li-Qun Hu | Ling-Ling Liu | Gan-Hua Zhang | Dong-Hua Wu
Expression Level of IL-6 Secreted by Bone Marrow Stromal Cells in Mice with Aplastic Anemia

Author(s): Yong Feng Chen | Zhong Min Wu | Cong Xie | Shi Bai | Li Dong Zhao
Annexin A2 silencing inhibits invasion, migration, and tumorigenic potential of hepatoma cells

Author(s): Hai-Jian Zhang | Deng-Fu Yao | Min Yao | Hua Huang | Li Wang | Mei-Juan Yan | Xiao-Di Yan | Xing Gu | Wei Wu | Shao-Lin Lu
Matrix Metalloproteinases: Inflammatory Regulators of Cell Behaviors in Vascular Formation and Remodeling

Author(s): Qishan Chen | Min Jin | Feng Yang | Jianhua Zhu | Qingzhong Xiao | Li Zhang
Double-balloon enteroscopy in small bowel tumors: A Chinese single-center study

Author(s): Wen-Guo Chen | Guo-Dong Shan | Hong Zhang | Lin Li | Min Yue | Zun Xiang | Ying Cheng | Chen-Jiao Wu | Ying Fang | Li-Hua Chen
Association between Serum Interleukin-6 Concentration and Mortality in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease

Author(s): Dongfang Su | Zhongxia Li | Xinrui Li | Yuming Chen | Yuan Zhang | Ding Ding | Xueqing Deng | Min Xia | Jian Qiu | Wenhua Ling
Anti-Diabetic Activities of Jiaotaiwan in db/db Mice by Augmentation of AMPK Protein Activity and Upregulation of GLUT4 Expression

Author(s): Na Hu | Lin Yuan | Hui-Jiao Li | Cheng Huang | Quan-Ming Mao | Yong-Yu Zhang | Min Lin | Yin-Qiang Sun | Xiao-Yu Zhong | Peng Tang | Xiong Lu
A Hybrid Restoration Approach of Defocused Image Using MGAM and Inverse Filtering

Author(s): Fenglan Li | Liyun Su | Yun Jiang | Min Sun
Mechanisms of trichostatin A inhibiting AGS proliferation and identification of lysine-acetylated proteins

Author(s): Yu-Gang Wang | Na Wang | Guang-Ming Li | Wen-Li Fang | Jue Wei | Jia-Li Ma | Ting Wang | Min Shi
Nonlocal Adaptive Image Denoising Model

Author(s): Xiaoli Sun | Chen Xu | Min Li
Effects of Moxa Smoke on Monoamine Neurotransmitters in SAMP8 Mice

Author(s): Huanfang Xu | Baixiao Zhao | Yingxue Cui | Min Yee Lim | Ping Liu | Li Han | Hongzhu Guo | Lixing Lao
MAPK Signal Transduction Pathway Regulation: A Novel Mechanism of Rat HSC-T6 Cell Apoptosis Induced by FUZHENGHUAYU Tablet

Author(s): Qi Wang | Hongbo Du | Min Li | Yue Li | Shunai Liu | Ping Gao | Xiaoli Zhang | Jun Cheng
Relation of serum gamma-glutamyltransferase levels in normal range to metabolic syndrome in middle-aged and elderly Chinese women

Author(s): Zhen-ping HU | Hua-cong DENG | Hua QU | Hang WANG | Min DENG | Hui-li WEI | Xiao-yu LI
Anti-infectious treatment in acute respiratory distress syndrome

Author(s): Min GAO | Zhen-liang XIAO | Fu-xiang LI
Clinical and pathological features of pyogenic liver abscess in patients with diabetes mellitus

Author(s): An-lai JI | Hong-wei SUN | Cheng-lin LI | Ping WANG | Li-yan ZHOU | Yu-zhong DUAN | Min JI | Jin-lian ZHOU | Yan CUI
A perspective study on elective single blastocyst transfer

Author(s): Wei-zhou WANG | Ai-ming WANG | Wei SHANG | Min LI | Cheng-jun LIU | Di WU | Yong ZHAO | Yu-liang SHEN
Distribution characteristics of marine bacteria in the China seas

Author(s): Cong MA | Chang-guo CHEN | Xue-bing JIANG | Dan-dan LI | Min LIU | Xiu-hong HAO | Xue-bin MA | Yang-hui QIAN
Expression and significance of serum ghrelin level and ovarian tissue growth substance in a rat model of polycystic ovary syndrome

Author(s): Hai-rong ZHANG | Yan-chun ZHANG | Ai-ming WANG | Ling YAN | Min LI | Yong ZHAO
Total arthroscopic debridement and suture for meniscus cysts under local anesthesia:a report of 42 cases

Author(s): Xu CHEN | Yu-jie LIU | Zhong-li LI | Zhi-gang WANG | Min WEI | Xiao WANG | Juan-li ZHU
Influential factors for short-term prognosis of patients with acute cerebral infarction:a logistic regression analysis

Author(s): Yuan-qi ZHAO | Ying-yan LIAN | Gui-fu LI | Da-rong WU | Min ZHAO | Ye-feng CAI | Jian-wen GUO
Clinical effect of "BUSHEN HUOXUE YIN" on patients with Parkinson's disease

Author(s): Jun-yan LI | Ming-hui YANG | Yong-qi Dou | Yi LIU | Min LI
Recent Advances as Materials of Functional Metal-Organic Frameworks

Author(s): Xiao-Lan Tong | Hai-Lu Lin | Jian-Hua Xin | Fen Liu | Min Li | Xia-Ping Zhu
A Novel Method of Predicting Protein Disordered Regions Based on Sequence Features

Author(s): Tong-Hui Zhao | Min Jiang | Tao Huang | Bi-Qing Li | Ning Zhang | Hai-Peng Li | Yu-Dong Cai
A Self-Adaptive Frequency Response Compensation Method for a TIADC System

Author(s): Peng Ye | Huiqing Pan | Hao Zeng | Min Li | Wuhuang Huang
Giant Primitive Nuroectodermal Tumor of Mediastinum: 
A Case Report with Literature Review

Author(s): Zhiqiang WU | Hongli WAN | Min SHI | Wei GAO | Zhanpeng WANG | Huiping LIU | Qingxin LI
Assessing the effects of trans-boundary aerosol transport between various city clusters on regional haze episodes in spring over East China

Author(s): Jie Li | Zifa Wang | Huili Huang | Min Hu | Fan Meng | Yele Sun | Xiquan Wang | Yuesi Wang | Qian Wang
Quantum Dots for Cancer Research: Current Status, Remaining Issues, and Future Perspectives

Author(s): Min Fang | Chun-wei Peng | Dai-wen Pang | Yan Li
Synthesis of axially chiral oxazoline–carbene ligands with an N-naphthyl framework and a study of their coordination with AuCl·SMe2

Author(s): Feijun Wang | Shengke Li | Mingliang Qu | Mei-Xin Zhao | Lian-Jun Liu | Min Shi
Effects of Protein and/or Energy Restriction for Six Weeks, Followed with Nutritional Recovery on the Antioxidant Capacity and Development of Liver, Spleen and Muscle of Weaned Kids

Author(s): Tan Yang | Zhihong Sun | Zhixiong He | Shimin Liu | Qingli Zhang | Xiaomin Li | Zhiliang Tan | Xuefeng Han | Shaoxun Tang | Chuanshe Zhou | Min Wang
Rapid Detection of Virulent Salmonella Strains Using Multiplex PCR

Author(s): Li Qiu | Chao Sun | Hu Yang | Chunli Li | Zhang Feng | Yahui Zhao | Xiaoye Liu | Rui Wang | Min Duan | Xinglong Wang | Zengqi Yang
Effects of nerve growth factor on the action potential duration and repolariz-ing currents in a rabbit model of myocardial infarction

Author(s): Yun-Feng Lan | Jian-Cheng Zhang | Jin-Lao Gao | Xue-Ping Wang | Zhou Fang | Yi-Cheng Fu | Mei-Yan Chen | Min Lin | Qiao Xue | Yang Li
A Mixed Two-dimensional Linear Discriminate Method

Author(s): Shuang Xu | Min Li | Yanqiu Cui
Voice Collection under Different Spectrum

Author(s): Min Li | Yu-duo Wang
Stabilization for Networked Control Systems with Random Sampling Periods

Author(s): Yuan Li | Qingling Zhang | Shuanghong Zhang | Min Cai
Chitin, Chitosan, and Glycated Chitosan Regulate Immune Responses: The Novel Adjuvants for Cancer Vaccine

Author(s): Xiaosong Li | Min Min | Nan Du | Ying Gu | Tomas Hode | Mark Naylor | Dianjun Chen | Robert E. Nordquist | Wei R. Chen
Preparation and Electrocatalytic Characteristics Research of Pd/C Catalyst for Direct Ethanol Fuel Cell

Author(s): Qiao Xia Li | Ming Shuang Liu | Qun Jie Xu | Hong Min Mao
Predicting -Turns in Protein Using Kernel Logistic Regression

Author(s): Murtada Khalafallah Elbashir | Yu Sheng | Jianxin Wang | FangXiang Wu | Min Li
Single-cell sequencing analysis characterizes common and cell-lineage-specific mutations in a muscle-invasive bladder cancer

Author(s): Li Yingrui | Xu Xun | Song Luting | Hou Yong | Li Zesong | Tsang Shirley | Li Fuqiang | Im Kate | Wu Kui | Wu Hanjie | Ye Xiaofei | Li Guibo | Wang Linlin | Zhang Bo | Liang Jie | Xie Wei | Wu Renhua | Jiang Hui | Liu Xiao | Yu Chang | Zheng Hancheng | Jian Min | Nie Liping | Wan Lei | Shi Min | Sun Xiaojuan | Tang Aifa | Guo Guangwu | Gui Yaoting | Cai Zhiming | Li Jingxiang | Wang Wen | Lu Zuhong | Zhang Xiuqing | Bolund Lars | Kristiansen Karsten | Wang Jian | Yang Huanming | Dean Michael | Wang Jun
Inhibition of the ecto-beta subunit of F1F0-ATPase inhibits proliferation and induces apoptosis in acute myeloid leukemia cell lines

Author(s): Wen-Li Zhao | Jian Wang | Yan-Fang Tao | Xing Feng | Yan-Hong Li | Xue-Ming Zhu | Min Zhang | Jian Ni | Jian Pan
Rapid synaptic potentiation within the anterior cingulate cortex mediates trace fear learning

Author(s): Descalzi Giannina | Li Xiang-Yao | Chen Tao | Mercaldo Valentina | Koga Kohei | Zhuo Min
Direct interaction between GluR2 and GAPDH regulates AMPAR-mediated excitotoxicity

Author(s): Wang Min | Li Shupeng | Zhang Hongyu | Pei Lin | Zou Shengwei | Lee Frank J S | Wang Yu | Liu Fang
Neurabin in the anterior cingulate cortex regulates anxiety-like behavior in adult mice

Author(s): Kim Susan S | Wang Hansen | Li Xiang-Yao | Chen Tao | Mercaldo Valentina | Descalzi Giannina | Wu Long-Jun | Zhuo Min
DREAM (Downstream Regulatory Element Antagonist Modulator) contributes to synaptic depression and contextual fear memory

Author(s): Wu Long-Jun | Mellström Britt | Wang Hansen | Ren Ming | Domingo Sofia | Kim Susan S | Li Xiang-Yao | Chen Tao | Naranjo Jose R | Zhuo Min
Sexual attraction enhances glutamate transmission in mammalian anterior cingulate cortex

Author(s): Wu Long-Jun | Kim Susan S | Li Xiangyao | Zhang Fuxing | Zhuo Min
Regulation of dopamine transporter activity by carboxypeptidase E

Author(s): Zhang Heping | Li Shupeng | Wang Min | Vukusic Brian | Pristupa Zdenek B | Liu Fang
Welcome to Molecular Brain

Author(s): Mei Lin | Cho Kei | Lee C Justin | Li Xiao-Jiang | Zhuo Min | Kaang Bong-Kiun
Achievements and challenges in bioartificial kidney development

Author(s): Tasnim Farah | Deng Rensheng | Hu Min | Liour Sean | Li Yao | Ni Ming | Ying Jackie Y | Zink Daniele
An Investigation of a Cluster of Parapoxvirus Cases in Missouri, Feb–May 2006: Epidemiologic, Clinical and Molecular Aspects

Author(s): Edith R. Lederman | Min Tao | Mary G. Reynolds | Yu Li | Hui Zhao | Scott K. Smith | Lisa Sitler | Dana L. Haberling | Whitni Davidson | Christina Hutson | Ginny Emerson | David Schnurr | Russell Regnery | Bao-Ping Zhu | Howard Pue | Inger K. Damon
Differentiation of human epidermis-derived mesenchymal stem cell-like pluripotent cells into neural-like cells in culture and after transplantation

Author(s): Min Zhang | Bing Huang | Kaijing Li | Zhenghua Chen | Jian Ge | Weihua Li | Jianfa Huang | Ting Luo | Shaochun Lin | Jie Yu | Wencong Wang | Liping Lin
Combined 18F-FDG PET/CT with Enhanced CT Perform One-Stop Shop Imaging for Assessing Pancreatic Carcinoma

Author(s): Miao Zhang | Min Zhang | Lihua Wang | Jiajia Hu | Biao Li
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