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Message Passing Algorithm for Solving QBF Using More Reasoning

Author(s): Su Weihua | Yin Minghao | Wang Jianan | Zhou Junping
An Improved ip-iq Reactive and Harmonic Current Detecting Method

Author(s): Wang Cunping | Yin Xianggen | Wen Minghao | Zhang Zhe
Prediction of Bioluminescent Proteins Using Auto Covariance Transformation of Evolutional Profiles

Author(s): Xiaowei Zhao | Jiakui Li | Yanxin Huang | Zhiqiang Ma | Minghao Yin
Prediction of Lysine Ubiquitylation with Ensemble Classifier and Feature Selection

Author(s): Xiaowei Zhao | Xiangtao Li | Zhiqiang Ma | Minghao Yin
Reverse Bridge Theorem under Constraint Partition

Author(s): Minghao Yin | Tingting Zou | Wenxiang Gu
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