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Implementing Telerehabilitation Research For Stroke Rehabilitation With Community Dwelling Veterans: Lessons Learned

Author(s): Neale R Chumbler | Patricia Quigley | Jon Sanford | Patricia Griffiths | Dorian Rose | Miriam Morey | E. Wesley Ely | Helen Hoenig
Long-Term Changes in Physical Activity Following a One-Year Home-Based Physical Activity Counseling Program in Older Adults with Multiple Morbidities

Author(s): Katherine S. Hall | Richard Sloane | Carl F. Pieper | Matthew J. Peterson | Gail M. Crowley | Patricia A. Cowper | Eleanor S. McConnell | Hayden B. Bosworth | Carola C. Ekelund | Miriam C. Morey
Study protocol: home-based telehealth stroke care: a randomized trial for veterans

Author(s): Chumbler Neale | Rose Dorian | Griffiths Patricia | Quigley Patricia | McGee-Hernandez Nancy | Carlson Katherine | Vandenberg Phyllis | Morey Miriam | Sanford Jon | Hoenig Helen
Physical function and associations with diet and exercise: Results of a cross-sectional survey among elders with breast or prostate cancer

Author(s): Demark-Wahnefried Wendy | Clipp Elizabeth | Morey Miriam | Pieper Carl | Sloane Richard | Snyder Denise | Cohen Harvey
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