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Use of Halfa Bar Essential Oil (HBO) as a Natural Growth Promoter in Broiler Nutrition

Author(s): O.A. Amal | A.M. Mukhtar | K.A. Mohamed | A.H. Ahlam
Relation of serum leptin level to hypertensive retinopathy

Author(s): Hoda Abd El-Baset Mohamed, Sawsan Abd El-Sabour Shalaby* and Amal
New Polymeric Admixture for Cement Based on Hyperbranched Poly Amide-Ester with Pentaerythritol Core

Author(s): Amal Amin Ibrahim | Ahmed El-Sayed Abdel-Megied | Mohamed Sayed Selim | Hassan Hassenen Darweesh | Magdy Mohamed Ayoub
Olive Plants (Olea europaea L.) as a Bioindicator for Pollution

Author(s): Amal Mohamed Eliwa | Ehab Abdel-Razik Kamel
Screening of Urinary Crystals among Egyptian Children in South Sinai

Author(s): amal Abd El Nasser Yamamah | Soha M. Abd El Dayem | Emad Salama | Hasan Salama | Mohamed Shoman
Role of N-Nitro-L-Arginine-Methylester as anti-oxidant in transient cerebral ischemia and reperfusion in rats

Author(s): Awooda Hiba A | Lutfi Mohamed F | Sharara Gihan M | Saeed Amal M
Insights from magnetic resonance imaging of left ventricular non-compaction in adults of North African descent

Author(s): Lachhab Amal | Doghmi Nawal | Elfakir Youssef | Taoussi Omar | Benyass Aatef | Haddour Laila | Zarzur Jamila | Cherradi Rhizlane | Fellat Ibtissam | Aouad Aicha | Ellouali Fedoua | Asfalou Ilyas | Elmajhad Amin | Cherti Mohamed
Use of magnetic resonance imaging in assessment of constrictive pericarditis: a Moroccan center experience

Author(s): Lachhab Amal | Doghmi Nawal | Zouhairi Abdellah | Seghrouchni Anis | Wahid Fouad Amal | Boulahya Abdellatif | Maazouzi Wajih | Elfakir Youssef | Taoussi Omar | Amri Rachida | Belhaj Loubna | Haddour Laila | Cherradi Rhizlane | Oukerraj Latifa | Cherti Mohamed
Aminolysis of 1-(1-Hydroxybenzotriazolyl)-2,4-dinitrobenzene and 2-(1-Hydroxybenzotriazolyl)-5-nitropyridine

Author(s): Sherine N. Khattab | Mohamed A. H. Kharaba | Amal El-Hawary | Ayman El-Faham | Ezzat A. Hamed

Author(s): Mohamed Abdel Hafez; Amal Mostafa Abbas; Dina Mohamed Radwan and Zeinab El
Innate Immune Pathways in Host Defense

Author(s): Thirumala-Devi Kanneganti | Mohamed Lamkanfi | Amal O. Amer
Isolation, Identification and Screening of Carotenoid-Producing Strains of Rhodotorula glutinis

Author(s): Amr Abd El-Rhman El-Banna | Amal Mohamed Abd El-Razek | Ahmed Rafik El-Mahdy
Kinetics and mechanism of aquation of bromopentammine cobalt(III) cation assisted by ion-pairing succinate anion in ethane-2-diol-water mixtures

Author(s): Amel Moustafa Ismail | Seleim Mohamed Seleim | Amal Abd-El-Hamid Zaghloul | Mohamed Fawzy Amira
Antiviral Activity of Liquorice Powder Extract against Varicella Zoster Virus Isolated from Egyptian Patients

Author(s): Rania I. Shebl | Magdy A. Amin | Amal Emad-Eldin | Saad M. Bin Dajem | Amal S. Mostafa | Essam H. Ibrahim | Aly F. Mohamed

Author(s): Khalid Attar | Youssef Kandri Rodi | Mohamed Benchidmi | Amal Haoudi | Frédéric Capet | Christian Rolando | El Mokhtar Essassi
Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Subtropical Calves Fed Untraditional Fattening Ration

Author(s): Ahmed Saad Sami | Mutassim Abdelrahman | Amal El-Asheeri | Mohamed Radwan
Effect of heavy metals on plasma membrane lipids and antioxidant enzymes of Zygophyllum species

Author(s): Amal Ahmed Morsy | Karima Hamid Ali Salama | Hend Ahmed Kamel | Mohamed Magdy Fahim Mansour
Chronic hepatitis c genotype-4 infection: role of insulin resistance in hepatocellular carcinoma

Author(s): Mohamed Amal | Loutfy Samah | Craik James | M Hashem Abdel | Siam Ibrahem
Association of Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha Gene Polymorphisms With Juvenile Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Nephritis in a Cohort of Egyptian Patients

Author(s): Tarek M Farid | Abeer Mohamed Nour Eldin Abd El Baky | Eman S Khalefa | Ahmed A Talaat | Amal A Mohamed | Tamer A Gheita | Randa F Abdel-Salam
Progression of diethylnitrosamine-induced hepatic carcinogenesis in carnitine-depleted rats

Author(s): Salim S Al-Rejaie, Abdulaziz M Aleisa, Abdulaziz A Al-Yahya, Saleh A Bakheet, Abdulmalik Alsheikh, Amal G Fatani, Othman A Al-Shabanah, Mohamed M Sayed-Ahmed
K469E polymorphism of the intercellular adhesion molecule-1 gene in Egyptians with coronary heart disease

Author(s): Mohamed Amal | Rashed Laila | Amin Hoda | Abu-Farha Manal | Abu El Fadl Soheir | Pakhoum Sameh
Morphological Features of Normal Human Skeletal Muscle in Different Age Groups: A Histological and Ultrastructural Study

Author(s): Raesa A. Mohamed | Hoda M. El Aasar | Lobna A. Mohamed | Amal M. Abbas
Development of Biochemical Markers for Salt Stress Tolerance in Cucumber Plants

Author(s): F.K. El-Baz | Amal A. Mohamed | Amina A. Aly
Using UML to Model Web Services for Automatic Composition

Author(s): Amal Elgammal | Mohamed El-Sharkawi
Protein expression profile and prevalence pattern of the molecular classes of breast cancer - a Saudi population based study

Author(s): Al Tamimi Dalal | Shawarby Mohamed | Ahmed Ayesha | Hassan Ammar | AlOdaini Amal
Prevalence of transfusion transmitted virus (TTV) genotypes among HCC patients in Qaluobia governorate

Author(s): Hafez Mohamed | Shaarawy Sabry | Hassan Amr | Salim Rabab | Abd El Salam Fatma | Ali Amal
Thermolabile Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase C677T Polymorphism and Homocysteine Are Risk Factors for Coronary Artery Disease in Moroccan Population

Author(s): Nawal Bennouar | Abdellatif Allami | Houssine Azeddoug | Abdenbi Bendris | Abdelilah Laraqui | Amal El Jaffali | Nizar El Kadiri | Rachid Benzidia | Anwar Benomar | Seddik Fellat | Mohamed Benomar
Neoadjuvant chemotherapy versus primary surgery in advanced ovarian carcinoma

Author(s): Hegazy Mohamed | Hegazi Refaat | Elshafei Mohamed | Setit Ahmed | Elshamy Maged | Eltatoongy Mohamed | Halim Amal
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