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Coping Styles in Patients with Anxiety and Depression

Author(s): Pashtoon Murtaza Kasi | Haider Ali Naqvi | Abaseen Khan Afghan | Talha Khawar | Farooq Hasan Khan | Umber Zaheer Khan | Urooj Bakht Khuwaja | Jawad Kiani | Hadi Mohammad Khan
Projective synchronization of chaotic systems via backstepping design

Author(s): Anindita Tarai | Mohammad Ali Khan
Haemato-biochemical profiles of indigenous goats (Capra hircus) at Chittagong, Bangladesh

Author(s): Amir Hossan Shaikat | Mohammad Mahmudul Hassan | Shahneaz Ali Khan | Md. Nurul Islam | Md. Ahasanul Hoque | Md. Saiful Bari | Md. Emran Hossain

Author(s): Saira Mehnaz | Zulfia Khan | Ali Jafar Abedi | Mohammad Athar Ansari
Prediction of Minimum Chip Thickness in Tool Based Micro End Milling

Author(s): Mohammad Yeakub Ali | Ahsan Ali Khan | Asfana Banu Mohamad Asharaf | Adibah Abdul Wahab
Comparative evaluation of doxofylline and theophylline in patients of mild bronchial asthma

Author(s): Md Faiz Akram | Mohammad Nasiruddin | Zuber Ahmad | Rahat Ali Khan

Author(s): Adnan Khanzada | Murad Ali Khan | Mohammad Akmal
Delivery Practices in Periurban Area of Aligarh: A Behaviour Change Communication Intervention Study

Author(s): Mohd. H Khan, Najam Khalique, Abdul R Siddiqui, Ali Amir, Anees Ahmad, Ruby Khan, Mohammad S Salman
Evaluation of some nitrification inhibitors at different temperatures under laboratory conditions

Author(s): Rehmat Ali, Hina Kanwal, Zafar Iqbal, Mohammad Yaqub | Junaid Ali Khan | Tariq Mahmood
Female Students Opinion about Women’s Participation in Sports

Author(s): Mohammad Younis Khan | Asif Jamil | Umar Ali Khan | Uzma Kareem | Ghazanfar Imran
Perspectives of Teachers and Students about Internal and External evaluation system at Postgraduate level

Author(s): Mohammad Younis Khan | Asif Jamil | Umar Ali Khan | Uzma Kareem
Assessment of DNA Barcoding for the Identification of Chenopodium murale L. (Chenopodiaceae)

Author(s): Sameera O. Bafeel | Ibrahim A. Arif | Ali A. Al-Homaidan | Haseeb A. Khan | Anis Ahamed | Mohammad A. Bakir
Perception of Community about the Role of Sports in Social Training of Youth

Author(s): Mohammad Younis Khan | Asif Jamil | Umar Ali Khan | Uzma Karim
Sewage Water Intrusion in the Groundwater of Lahore, its Causes and Protections

Author(s): Sajid Rashid Ahmad | Mohammad Saleem Khan | Adil Quddos Khan | Shahid Ghazi | Shafaqat Ali

Author(s): M. Naveed Umar | M. Nawaz Tahir | Mohammad Shoaib | Akbar Ali | Imran Khan
Foreign Direct Investment and Export Performance of Pharmaceutical Firms in India: An Empirical Approach

Author(s): Sudershan Kuntluru | Venkata Reddy Muppani | Mohammad Akbar Ali Khan

Author(s): M. Naveed Umar | M. Nawaz Tahir | Mohammad Shoaib | Akbar Ali | Imran Khan
True prevalence of twin HDV-HBV infection in Pakistan: a molecular approach

Author(s): Khan Asad | Waqar Muhammad | Akram Madiha | Zaib Mehnaz | Wasim Muhammad | Ahmad Shahzad | Niaz Zeeshan | Ali Sajid | Ali Haider | Idrees Muhammad | Bajwa Mohammad

Author(s): Khan Najam Ali | Jaiswal Anushree | Choudhray Reenu | Abid Mohammad | Kishore Kamal
Does Intravenous Fentanyl Affect Apgar Scores and Umbilical Vessel Blood Gas Parameters in Cesarean Section Under General Anesthesia?

Author(s): Maziyar Maghsoudloo | Negar Eftekhar | Mohammad Ali Noyan Ashraf | Zahid Husain Khan | Homeira Peiravy Sereshkeh
Effect of aqueous extracts of Chrozophora obliqua (Del.) Juss. on germination and seedling growth of Zea mays

Author(s): Musharaf Khan 1 *, Mohammad Ibrar 1 , Shahana Musharaf 2 , Farrukh Hussain 1 , Syed Ghias Ali 3 , Ishfaq Hameed 1 , Imdadullahd 4
Real-time PCR assay and rapid diagnostic tests for the diagnosis of clinically suspected malaria patients in Bangladesh

Author(s): Alam Mohammad Shafiul | Mohon Abu Naser | Mustafa Shariar | Khan Wasif Ali | Islam Nazrul | Karim Mohammad | Khanum Hamida | Sullivan David | Haque Rashidul
Effect of Urea Treated Sorghum Stover with or Without Cattle Manure on its Intake and Digestibility by the Growing Ruminants

Author(s): Nazir Ahmad | Hamayun Khan | Mohammad Saleem | Sir Zamin Khan | Ali Mohammad Bahrami
Lipid Lowering Activity of Anthocephalus indicus Root in Hyperlipidemic Rats

Author(s): Vishnu Kumar | Mohammad Mubin Khan | Ashok Kumar Khanna | Ranjana Singh | Sushma Singh | Ramesh Chander | Farzana Mahdi | Abbas Ali Mahdi | Jitendra Kumar Saxena | Raj Kumar Singh
A Simple Method for DNA Extraction from Mature Date Palm Leaves: Impact of Sand Grinding and Composition of Lysis Buffer

Author(s): Ibrahim A. Arif | Mohammad A. Bakir | Haseeb A. Khan | Anis Ahamed | Ahmad H. Al Farhan | Ali A. Al Homaidan | Mohammad Al Sadoon | Ali H. Bahkali | Mohammad Shobrak
Effect of Various Doses of Cinnamon on Blood Glucose in Diabetic Individuals

Author(s): Mahpara Safdar | Alam Khan | Muhammad Muzaffar Ali Khan Khattak | Mohammad Siddique
Effect of Various Doses of Cinnamon on Lipid Profile in Diabetic Individuals

Author(s): Alam Khan | Mahpara Safdar | Mohammad Muzaffar Ali Khan
Biochemical Analysis of Patients Having Oligospermia and Azoospermia

Author(s): Irshad Ali | Mohammad Shoib Khan | Musa Kaleem Baloch | Gul Majid Khan
Effect of Drought on the Performance of Major Fruits During-2000, in Highland Balochistan

Author(s): Nisar Ali Shah | Mohammad Afzal | Syed Mohammad Khair | M.R. Khan
Effect of Various Levels of N and P on Yield and Yield Components of Maize

Author(s): Johar Ali | Jehan Bakht | Mohammad Shafi | Sherin Khan | Wajid Ali Shah
Enhancement of Angiogram Images Using Pseudo Color Processing

Author(s): Mohammad A.U. Khan | Rabya Bahadur Khan | Shahid Bilal | Asad Jamil | Mehr Ali Shah
Selection and Evaluation of Exotic Genotypes of Sugar Beet (Beta vulgaris L.) in Peshawar Valley

Author(s): Kamal-ud-din Azam Jah | Anwar Ali Shad | Muhammad Younas | Imran Mohammad | Dawa khan
Date of Sowing and Genotype Interaction Effect on the Bulb Yield of Transplanted Onion (Allium cepa L.)

Author(s): Derawadan, Shoukat Ali | Mohammad Tahir | Abdul Majeed | Ayub Khan
Uptake Nitrogen as Affected by Various Combinations of Nitrogen and Phosphorus

Author(s): Johar Ali | Jehan Bakht | Mohammad Shafi | Sherin Khan | Wajid Ali Shah
Comparative Marketing Margins for Kaja (Red Delicious) and Shin Kulu (Golden Delicious) Apple in Pishin

Author(s): Syed Mohammad Khair | Nisar Ali Shah | Shahjehan Khan | Manzoor Ahmed Kasi | S. Abdul Sattar | Abdul Razzaq
Production and Physico-chemical Characterization of Bacteriocins-like Inhibitory Substances from Marine Bacterium ZM81

Author(s): Zaid Ahmed Pirzada | Syed Abid Ali | Bashir Mohammad Khan | Sheikh Ajaz Rasool
Different Stratification Techniques on Seed Germination of Pistachio cv. Wild.

Author(s): Jehangir Khan | Mohammad A Rauf | Zafar Ali | Haroon-ur-Rashid | Mir Saleem Khattack
Intravarietal Variability in Wheat Grown under Saline Conditions

Author(s): Mohammad Jamal Khan | H. Rashid | A. Rashid | R. Ali
A Brief Review of Molecular Techniques to Assess Plant Diversity

Author(s): Ibrahim A. Arif | Mohammad A. Bakir | Haseeb A. Khan | Ahmad H. Al Farhan | Ali A. Al Homaidan | Ali H. Bahkali | Mohammad Al Sadoon | Mohammad Shobrak
4-Methylbenzyl 4-aminobenzoate

Author(s): Ali Haider | Zareen Akhter | Mohammad Saif Ullah Khan | Michael Bolte | Humaira M. Siddiqi
Evidence for a "Founder Effect" among HIV-infected injection drug users (IDUs) in Pakistan

Author(s): Rai Mohammad | Nerurkar Vivek | Khoja Suhail | Khan Saeed | Yanagihara Richard | Rehman Arish | Kazmi Shahana | Ali Syed
Laparoscopic appendectomy for acute appendicitis: Is this a feasible option for developing countries?

Author(s): Ali Rajab | Khan Muhammad | Pishori Turab | Tayeb Mohammad
Educating the power: HIV/AIDS and parliamentarians of Pakistan

Author(s): Rai Mohammad | Rajabali Alefiyah | Khan Muhammad | Khan Mohammad | Ali Syed
A Survey of Smooth Coated Otters (Lutrogale perspicillata sindica) in the Sindh Province of Pakistan

Author(s): Waseem Ahmad Khan | Mohammad Qasim | Ejaz Ahmad | Ghulam Akbar | Ali Hassan Habib | Hassan Ali | Faisal Mueen | Abdul Aleem Chaudhry | Shahid Iqbal | Hussain Bux Bhaagat | Mohammad Akhtar | Mohammad Shafiq Ahmad
2-[6-Thioxo-5-(2,4,6-trimethylphenyl)-1,3,5-thiadiazinan-3-yl]acetic acid

Author(s): Mohammad Arfan | M. Nawaz Tahir | Muhammad Ishaq Ali Shah | Rassol Khan | Mohammad S. Iqbal
Prevalence of HCV and HIV infections in 2005-Earthquake-affected areas of Pakistan

Author(s): Khan Saeed | Rai Mohammad | Khan Adnan | Farooqui Amber | Kazmi Shahana | Ali Syed
The Frequency of Hepatitis B and C Among Volunteer Blood Donors in Balochistan

Author(s): Zafar Ahmad Khan | Mohammad Imran Aslam | Sajjad Ali
Yield stability of spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) in the North West Frontier Province, Pakistan

Author(s): Muhammad Amin | Tila Mohammad | Abdul Jabbar Khan | Muhammad Irfaq | Akhtar Ali | Ghulam Rasul Tahir
HIV-1 subtype A infection in a community of intravenous drug users in Pakistan

Author(s): Khan Saeed | Rai Mohammad | Khanani Mohammad | Khan Muhammad | Ali Syed
Molecular epidemiology of clinical and carrier strains of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in the hospital settings of north India

Author(s): Dar Javid | Thoker Manzoor | Khan Jamal | Ali Asif | Khan Mohammed | Rizwan Mohammed | Bhat Khalid | Dar Mohammad | Ahmed Niyaz | Ahmad Shamim
Lessons and implications from a mass immunization campaign in squatter settlements of Karachi, Pakistan: an experience from a cluster-randomized double-blinded vaccine trial [NCT00125047]

Author(s): Khan Mohammad | Ochiai Rion | Hamza Hasan | Sahito Shah | Habib Muhammad | Soofi Sajid | Bhutto Naveed | Rasool Shahid | Puri Mahesh | Ali Mohammad | Wasan Shafi | Khan Mohammad | Abu-Elyazeed Remon | Ivanoff Bernard | Galindo Claudia | Pang Tikki | Donner Allan | von Seidlein Lorenz | Acosta Camilo | Clemens John | Nizami Shaikh | Bhutta Zulfiqar
Enhanced disease surveillance through private health care sector cooperation in Karachi, Pakistan: experience from a vaccine trial

Author(s): Khan Mohammad Imran | Sahito Shah Muhammad | Khan Mohammad Javed | Wassan Shafi Mohammad | Shaikh Abdul Wahab | Maheshwari Ashok Kumar | Acosta Camilo J | Galindo Claudia M | Ochiai Rion Leon | Rasool Shahid | Peerwani Sheeraz | Puri Mahesh K | Ali Mohammad | Zafar Afia | Hassan Rumina | von Seidlein Lorenz | Clemens John D | Nizami Shaikh Qamaruddin | Bhutta Zulfiqar A
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