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GPS Ionospheric Total Electron Content and Scintillation Measurements during the October 2003 Magnetic Storm

Author(s): Mohammad A. Momani | Takialddin A.A. Smadi | Farouq M.A. Taweel | Khaldoon A. Ghaidan
An Assessment of Automobile Emissions in Irbid, Northwest Jordan

Author(s): Talal Mohammad Al Momani | Ahmad A Altaani | Amjad D Al Nasser | NAZEM M El-Radaideh
Bayesian Fusion Algorithm for Inferring Trust in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Mohammad Momani | Subhash Challa | Rami Alhmouz
Survey of Trust Models in Different Network Domains

Author(s): Mohammad Momani | Subhash Challa
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