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Artificial Intelligence Design Waterfronts and Particular Places Management to Improve Relationships between People

Author(s): Shekufe Mottaghi | Fatemeh Farhadi | Samira Dokohaki | Mohammad Mohsen Farhadi
Cryptographic PRNG Based on Combination of LFSR and Chaotic Logistic Map

Author(s): Hamed Rahimov | Majid Babaei | Mohsen Farhadi
Introduction to Secure PRNGs

Author(s): Majid Babaei | Mohsen Farhadi
Effects of alcoholic extract of Zingiber officinalis rhizome on acute and chronic inflammation and pain in rats

Author(s): Mohsen Khalili | Zahra Kiasalari | Ehsan Farhadi | Mahshid Agah
Effect of Methanol Concentration and Channel Depth on Performance of Direct Methanol Fuel Cell

Author(s): Ebrahim Alizadeh | Kourosh Sedighi | Mousa Farhadi | Mohsen Shakeri
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