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Cancer mortality inequalities in urban areas: a Bayesian small area analysis in Spanish cities

Author(s): Puigpinós-Riera Rosa | Marí-Dell'Olmo Marc | Gotsens Mercè | Borrell Carme | Serral Gemma | Ascaso Carlos | Calvo Montse | Daponte Antonio | Domínguez-Berjón Felicitas | Esnaola Santiago | Gandarillas Ana | López-Abente Gonzalo | Martos Carmen | Martínez-Beneito Miguel | Montes-Martínez Agustín | Montoya Imanol | Nolasco Andreu | Pasarín Isabel | Rodríguez-Sanz Maica | Sáez Marc | Sánchez-Villegas Pablo
Respiratory and mental health effects of wildfires: an ecological study in Galician municipalities (north-west Spain)

Author(s): Caamano-Isorna Francisco | Figueiras Adolfo | Sastre Isabel | Montes-Martínez Agustín | Taracido, Margarita | Piñeiro-Lamas María
Attributable mortality to radon exposure in Galicia, Spain. Is it necessary to act in the face of this health problem?

Author(s): Pérez-Ríos Mónica | Barros-Dios Juan | Montes-Martínez Agustín | Ruano-Ravina Alberto
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