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Key challenges in simulated patient programs: An international comparative case study

Author(s): Nestel Debra | Tabak Diana | Tierney Tanya | Layat-Burn Carine | Robb Anja | Clark Susan | Morrison Tracy | Jones Norma | Ellis Rachel | Smith Cathy | McNaughton Nancy | Knickle Kerry | Higham Jenny | Kneebone Roger
Examination of actin and microtubule dependent APC localisations in living mammalian cells

Author(s): Langford Kelly | Askham Jon | Lee Tracy | Adams Matthew | Morrison Ewan
Trapping of normal EB1 ligands in aggresomes formed by an EB1 deletion mutant

Author(s): Riess Nick | Milward Kelly | Lee Tracy | Adams Matthew | Askham Jon | Morrison Ewan
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