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Metabolic and cardiovascular risk in patients with a history of differentiated thyroid carcinoma: A case-controlled cohort study

Author(s): Giusti Massimo | Mortara Lorenzo | Degrandi Roberta | Cecoli Francesca | Mussap Michele | Rodriguez Guido | Ferone Diego | Minuto Francesco
The immunological basis of tumor therapy by targeted delivery of TNFa to tumor vessels

Author(s): Balza Enrica | Mortara Lorenzo | Sassi Francesca | Monteghirfo Stefano | Carnemolla Barbara | Castellani Patrizia | Neri Dario | Accollo Roberto | Zardi Luciano | Borsi Laura
SIV escape mutants in rhesus macaques vaccinated with NEF-derived lipopeptides and challenged with pathogenic SIVmac251

Author(s): Villefroy Pascale | Letourneur Franck | Coutsinos Zoe | Mortara Lorenzo | Beyer Christian | Gras-Masse Helene | Guillet Jean-Gerard | Bourgault-Villada Isabelle
The MHC Class II Transactivator (CIITA): A "Physiologic" Drug Against HIV-1 Replication

Author(s): Tosi Giovanna | Barbaro Andrea | Mortara Lorenzo | Accolla Roberto
7he MHC Class II Transactivator (CIITA): A Physiologic Inhibitor of HTLV-2 Retroviral Infection

Author(s): Tosi Giovanna | Pilotti Elisabetta | Barbaro Andrea | Mortara Lorenzo | Casoli Claudio | Accolla Roberto
The Molecular and Cellular Basis of Tumor Rejection After Vaccination With Mammary Adenocarcinoma Cells Transduced With the MHC Class II Transactivator CIITA

Author(s): Mortara Lorenzo | Castellani Paola | Meazza Raffaella | Tosi Giovanna | Barbaro Andrea | Procopio Francesco | Zardi Luciano | Ferrini Silvano | Accolla Roberto
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