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Raltegravir: molecular basis of its mechanism of action

Author(s): Mouscadet Jean-François | Tchertanov Luba
In Silico and In Vitro Comparison of HIV-1 Subtypes B and CRF02_AG Integrases Susceptibility to Integrase Strand Transfer Inhibitors

Author(s): Xiaoju Ni | Safwat Abdel-Azeim | Elodie Laine | Rohit Arora | Osamuede Osemwota | Anne-Geneviève Marcelin | Vincent Calvez | Jean-François Mouscadet | Luba Tchertanov
G140S/Q148R and N155H mutations render HIV-2 Integrase resistant to Raltegravir whereas Y143C does not

Author(s): Ni Xiao-Ju | Delelis Olivier | Charpentier Charlotte | Storto Alexandre | Collin Gilles | Damond Florence | Descamps Diane | Mouscadet Jean-François
Structural basis for HIV-1 DNA integration in the human genome

Author(s): Michel Fabrice | Eiler Sylvia | Granger Florence | Mouscadet Jean-François | Gottikh Marina | Nazabal Alexis | Emiliani Stéphane | Benarous Richard | Moras Dino | Schultz Patrick | Ruff Marc
G140S mutation rescues HIV-1 IN integration defect due to Q148H in vitro and in vivo

Author(s): Delelis Olivier | Malet Isabelle | Tchertanov Luba | Na Li | Calvez Vincent | Marcellin Anne-Geneviève | Subra Frédéric | Deprez Eric | Mouscadet Jean-Francois
Integrase and integration: biochemical activities of HIV-1 integrase

Author(s): Delelis Olivier | Carayon Kevin | Saïb Ali | Deprez Eric | Mouscadet Jean-François
A novel function for spumaretrovirus integrase: an early requirement for integrase-mediated cleavage of 2 LTR circles

Author(s): Delelis Olivier | Petit Caroline | Leh Herve | Mbemba Gladys | Mouscadet Jean-François | Sonigo Pierre
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