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Secondary Prevention Following Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery: A Pilot Study for Improved Patient Education

Author(s): Jeffrey B. Kramer | Patricia A. Howard | Brian J. Barnes | Bashar Ababneh | Purna Mukhopadhyay | Mazda Biria | Gregory F. Muehlebach | Emmanuel Daon | George L. Zorn | William A. Reed | James L. Vacek
Access technique and its problems in parenteral nutrition – Guidelines on Parenteral Nutrition, Chapter 9

Author(s): Jauch, K. W. | Schregel, W. | Stanga, Z. | Bischoff, S. C. | Braß, P. | Hartl, W. | Muehlebach, S. | Pscheidl, E. | Thul, P. | Volk, O. | Working group for developing the guidelines for parenteral nutrition of The German Association for Nutritional Medicine
P19-40. Different forms of a lentiviral glycoprotein presented by bivalent measles virus vaccines

Author(s): Heidmeier S | Frank C | Cattaneo R | Cichutek K | Muehlebach MD
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