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Intra-aortic balloon pump use does not affect the renal function in patients undergoing off pump coronary artery bypass surgery

Author(s): Muniraju Geetha | Pandey Sourabh | Chakravarthy Murali | Krishnamoorthy Jayaprakash | Narayan Sandeep | Jawali Vivek
Effect of thoracic epidural anesthesia on oxygen delivery and utilization in cardiac surgical patients scheduled to undergo off-pump coronary artery bypass surgery: A prospective study

Author(s): Suryaprakash Sharadaprasad | Chakravarthy Murali | Gautam Mamatha | Gandhi Anurag | Jawali Vivek | Patil Thimmannagowda | Jayaprakash Krishnamoorthy | Pandey Saurabh | Muniraju Geetha

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