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Post-stroke depression: Prevalence and relationship with disability in chronic stroke survivors

Author(s): Srivastava Abhishek | Taly Arun | Gupta Anupam | Murali Thyloth
Efficacy of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy in healing of pressure ulcers: A randomized control trial

Author(s): Gupta Anupam | Taly Arun | Srivastava Abhishek | Kumar Sendhil | Thyloth Murali
Catatonia and multiple pressure ulcers: A rare complication in psychiatric setting

Author(s): Srivastava Abhishek | Gupta Anupam | Murthy Pratima | Murali Thyloth
Urodynamic profile in myelopathies: A follow-up study

Author(s): Gupta Anupam | Taly Arun | Srivastava Abhishek | Thyloth Murali
Quality of life and psychological problems in patients undergoing neurological rehabilitation

Author(s): Gupta Anupam | Deepika S | Taly A | Srivastava Abhishek | Surender Vishal | Thyloth Murali
Proposal to the Indian Psychiatric Society for adopting a specialty section on addiction medicine (alcohol and other substance abuse)

Author(s): Benegal Vivek | Bajpai Alok | Basu Debasish | Bohra Neelam | Chatterji Sudipto | Galgali R | Goel D | Isaac Mohan | Jhanwar Venugopal | Lenin Rajkumar | Madhavan P | Mittal A | Mohandas E | Murali Thyloth | Murthy Pratima | Nagpal Rajesh | Nambi S | Subramaniam C | Parkar Shubhangi | Rao Prasad | Reddy M | Sarin Alok | Sudhakar T | Tripathi B | Varghese Matthew
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