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Acute Hepatitis Associated with Thymus Vulgaris Oil Ingestion; Case Report

Author(s): Aslıhan YÜRÜKTÜMEN | Nil HOCAOĞLU | Murat ERSEL | Murat ÖZSARAÇ | Selahattin KIYAN
Views of Emergency Physicians Working in University Hospitals in Turkey Regarding Use of Analgesics in Patients with Acute Abdominal Pain and Factors Affecting Use of Analgesics

Author(s): Selahattin Kıyan | Gül Kitapçıoğlu | Ersin Aksay | Murat Ersel | Murat Özsaraç | Aslıhan Yürüktümen
Emergency Department utilization characteristics and evaluation for patient visit appropriateness from the patients’ and physicians’ point of view

Author(s): Murat ERSEL | Özgür KARCIOĞLU | Sedat YANTURALI | Aslıhan YÜRÜKTÜMEN | Mustafa SEVER | M. Aziz TUNÇ
An analysis of accuracy and reliability of emergency department ECG interpretations

Author(s): Mustafa SEVER | Özgür KARCIOĞLU | Özgür ASLAN | Fidan SEVER | İsmet PARLAK | Murat ERSEL
Analysis of patients with acute intoxication in a two year period

Author(s): Selahattin KIYAN | Murat ÖZSARAÇ | Murat ERSEL | Aslıhan YÜRÜKTÜMEN | Eylem KARAHALLI | Enver ÖZÇETE | Özgür ÇEVRİM
Elde Ulsere Lezyon

Author(s): Murat ERSEL | Aslihan YURUKTUMEN
Disaster prepradeness and education levels at Turkish Academic Emergency Departments

Author(s): Murat ERSEL | Ersin AKSAY | Selahattin KIYAN
Effects of Particulate Air Pollution on Emergency Department Visits for Headache as Chief Complaint

Author(s): Murat OZSARAC | Hatice ULUER | Murat ERSEL | Selahattin KIYAN | Aslihan YURUKTUMEN | Eylem ERSAN
Use of olive oil for cleaning of hot tar burn

Author(s): Murat ERSEL | Ersin AKSAY | Murat OZSARAC | Bulent YUKSEL
Associations Between Air Pollution and Emergency Department Visits for Ischemic Stroke, Respiratory and Cardiovascular Diseases, in Izmir

Author(s): Murat OZSARAC | Hatice ULUER | Nese ORAY | Selahattin KIYAN | Murat ERSEL | Aslihan YURUKTUMEN
International publications of Academic Emergency Medicine Departments in Turkey: 15th year analysis

Author(s): Murat ERSEL | Aslihan YURUKTUMEN | Murat OZSARAC | Selahattin KIYAN | Ersin AKSAY
Can D-dimer testing help emergency department physicians to detect acute aortic dissections?

Author(s): Murat Ersel | Ersin Aksay | Selahattin Kıyan | Selen Bayraktaroğlu | Aslıhan Yürüktümen | Murat Özsaraç | Tanzer Çalkavur
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