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Cotton pest management practices and the selection of pyrethroid resistance in Anopheles gambiae population in Northern Benin

Author(s): Yadouleton Anges | Martin Thibaud | Padonou Gil | Chandre Fabrice | Asidi Alex | Djogbenou Luc | Dabiré Roch | Aïkpon Rock | Boko Michel | Glitho Isabelle | Akogbeto Martin
Studies on the breeding swarms of Anopheles gambiae complex in malaria control perspective

Author(s): Assogba Benoît | Djogbenou Luc | Dabiré Roch | Diabaté Abdoulaye | Baldet Thierry
Field efficacy of pyrethroid treated plastic sheeting (durable lining) in combination with long lasting insecticidal nets against malaria vectors

Author(s): Chandre Fabrice | Dabire Roch | Hougard Jean-Marc | Djogbenou Luc | Irish Seth | Rowland Mark | N'Guessan Raphael
Ace-1 duplication in Anopheles gambiae: a challenge for malaria control

Author(s): Djogbénou Luc | Labbé Pierrick | Chandre Fabrice | Pasteur Nicole | Weill Mylène
Dynamics of multiple insecticide resistance in the malaria vector Anopheles gambiae in a rice growing area in South-Western Burkina Faso

Author(s): Dabiré Kounbobr | Diabaté Abdoulaye | Djogbenou Luc | Ouari Ali | N'Guessan Raphaël | Ouédraogo Jean-Bosco | Hougard Jean-Marc | Chandre Fabrice | Baldet Thierry
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