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El cáncer de mama en América Latina y el Caribe

Author(s): Sylvia C. Robles | Eleni Galanis
Electricity Generation from Low Temperature Sources

Author(s): N. Galanis | E. Cayer | P. Roy | E.S Denis | M. Désilets
Outbreak of Diarrhetic Shellfish Poisoning Associated with Mussels, British Columbia, Canada

Author(s): Marsha Taylor | Lorraine McIntyre | Mark Ritson | Jason Stone | Roni Bronson | Olga Bitzikos | Wade Rourke | Eleni Galanis | Outbreak Investigation Team
Retroperitoneal Abscess Formation as a Result of Spilled Gallstones during Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: An Unusual Case Report

Author(s): Grigoris Chatzimavroudis | Stefanos Atmatzidis | Basilis Papaziogas | Ioannis Galanis | Ioannis Koutelidakis | Triantafyllos Doulias | Petros Christopoulos | George Papadakis | Konstantinos Atmatzidis | John Makris
Predictors of Prolonged Stay in the Intensive Care Unit following Cardiac Surgery

Author(s): Rokeia Eltheni | Konstantinos Giakoumidakis | Hero Brokalaki | Petros Galanis | Ioannis Nenekidis | George Fildissis
A method for Bayesian estimation of the probability of local intensity for some cities in Japan

Author(s): T. M. Tsapanos | O. C. Galanis | G. C. Koravos | R. M. W. Musson
Novel Hardware Implementation of the Cipher Message Authentication Code

Author(s): H. E. Michail | G. Selimis | M. Galanis | D. Schinianakis | C. E. Goutis
Optimal Design of ORC Systems with a Low-Temperature Heat Source

Author(s): Mohammed Khennich | Nicolas Galanis
Design of a Hip Joint Simulator According to the ISO 14242

Author(s): Nikolaos I. Galanis | Dimitrios E. Manolakos
Molecular detection of multiple viral targets in untreated urban sewage from Greece

Author(s): Kokkinos Petros | Ziros Panos | Mpalasopoulou Αggeliki | Galanis Alexis | Vantarakis Apostolos
BCG pneumonitis with a miliary radiological pattern complicating intravesical BCG immunotherapy

Author(s): Evangelia Fouka | Nikolaos Angelis | Penelope Stefanopoulou | Nikolaos Galanis
Capsule Endoscopy in the investigation of renal transplant recipients with chronic diarrhea

Author(s): S. Karagiannis | S. Goulas | G. Kosmadakis | Polyxeni Metaxaki | P. Galanis | A. Kantianis | J. N. Boletis | C. Mavrogiannis
Colorectal Cancer Risk in Cholelithiasis and after Cholecystectomy in Northern Greece

Author(s): P. Katsinelos, B. Papaziogas, I. Pilpilids, G. Paroutoglou, S. Dimiropoulos, P. Tsolkas, I. Galanis, | E. Kamperis, Olga Giouleme, A. Papagiannis, N. Eugenidis
Malignant mesenchymatous tumor of the abdominal cavity

Author(s): K.S. Atmatzidis, T.E. Pavlidis, I.N. Galanis, B.T. Papaziogas, T.B. Papaziogas
Biloma after laparoscopic cholecystectomy

Author(s): T.E. Pavlidis, K.S. Atmatzidis, B.T. Papaziogas, I.N. Galanis, I.M. Koutelidakis, T.B. Papaziogas
Leiomyosarcomas of the mesentery1

Author(s): Lazaridis Ch. | Papaziogas B. | Pavlidis T. | Galanis J. | Koutelidakis J. | Argiriadou E. | Papaziogas T.
The prophylactic effect of L-Arginine in an experimental model of acute ischemic colitis. A histopathological and biochemical (malondialdehyde levels) evaluation

Author(s): . Fotiadis C. | . Poussios D. | Papalois A. | . Papalois A. | Pilichos H. | . Pilichos H. | Adamis S. | Adamis S. | Fotinou M. | Fotinou M. | Leventis J. | Leventis J. | Preza A. | Preza A. | Xekouki P. | Xekouki P. | Karampela E. | Karampela E. | Grigoriou Th. | Grigoriou Th. | Galanis G. | Galanis G. | Perrea D. | Perrea P. | Karayannakos P. | Sechas M.
Acute Esophageal Necrosis: Is it a so Uncommon Endoscopic Finding? A Report of Two Cases

Author(s): P. Katsinelos, I. Pilpilidis, P. Tsolkas, I. Galanis, 1Daphni Katsiba, 1Maria Arvaniti, K. Christodoulou, | A. Papagiannis, P. Xiarchos, S. Baltagiannis, P. Kapelidis,I. Vasiliadis, I. Kapitsinis
Environmental Surveillance. An Additional/Alternative Approach for Virological Surveillance in Greece?

Author(s): Petros Kokkinos | Panos Ziros | Danai Meri | Sevasti Filippidou | Stella Kolla | Alexis Galanis | Apostolos Vantarakis
Obstructive ileus due to a giant fibroepithelial polyp of the anus

Author(s): Ioannis Galanis, Dimitrios Dragoumis, Michail Tsolakis, Konstantinos Zarampoukas, Thomas Zarampoukas, Konstantinos Atmatzidis
Synthetic Peptides as Structural Maquettes of Angiotensin-I Converting Enzyme Catalytic Sites

Author(s): Zinovia Spyranti | Athanassios S. Galanis | George Pairas | Georgios A. Spyroulias | Evy Manessi-Zoupa | Paul Cordopatis
Investigation of Cutting Parameters in Manufacturing of Femoral Heads

Author(s): Nikolaos I. Galanis | Dimitrios E. Manolakos
Spontaneous perforation of solitary ulcer of transverse colon

Author(s): Galanis Ioannis | Dragoumis Dimitrios | Kalogirou Thomas | Lakis Sotiris | Kotakidou Rodi | Atmatzidis Konstantinos
Assimilation of radar altimeter data in numerical wave models: an impact study in two different wave climate regions

Author(s): G. Emmanouil | G. Galanis | G. Kallos | L. A. Breivik | H. Heiberg | M. Reistad
Applications of Kalman filters based on non-linear functions to numerical weather predictions

Author(s): G. Galanis | P. Louka | P. Katsafados | I. Pytharoulis | G. Kallos
Vorinostat in solid and hematologic malignancies

Author(s): Siegel David | Hussein Mohamad | Belani Chandra | Robert Francisco | Galanis Evanthia | Richon Victoria | Garcia-Vargas José | Sanz-Rodriguez Cesar | Rizvi Syed
Portable PET probes are a novel tool for intraoperative localization of tumor deposits

Author(s): Strong Vivian | Galanis Charles | Riedl Christopher | Longo Valerie | Daghighian Farhad | Humm John | Larson Steven | Fong Yuman
Novel Hardware Implementation of the Cipher Message Authentication Code

Author(s): H. E. Michail | G. Selimis | M. Galanis | D. Schinianakis | C. E. Goutis
Unusual patterns of Monteggia fracture-dislocation

Author(s): Kazakos Constantinos | Galanis Vasilios | Verettas Dennis-Alexander | Dimitrakopoulou Alexandra | Polychronidis Alexandros | Simopoulos Constantinos
Clear cell sarcoma of the scapula. A case report and review of the literature

Author(s): Kazakos Constantinos | Galanis Vasilios | Giatromanolaki Alexandra | Verettas Dennis-Alexander | Sivridis Efthimios
Time independent seismic hazard analysis of Greece deduced from Bayesian statistics

Author(s): T. M. Tsapanos | G. A. Papadopoulos | O. Ch. Galanis
Current trends in the management of extra-abdominal desmoid tumours

Author(s): Papagelopoulos Panayiotis | Mavrogenis Andreas | Mitsiokapa Evanthia | Papaparaskeva Kleo Th | Galanis Evanthia | Soucacos Panayotis
El cáncer de mama en América Latina y el Caribe

Author(s): Robles Sylvia C. | Galanis Eleni
Breast cancer in Latin America and the Caribbean

Author(s): Robles Sylvia C | Galanis Eleni
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