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Disseminated leukoencephalitis and multiple sclerosis: cause and effect

Author(s): Lobzin Y.V. | Skripchenko N.V. | Ivanova G.P. | Komantsev V.N.
The effectiveness of a new domestic carbohydrate-protein product in the practice of training of high class

Author(s): Vdovenko N.V. | Ivanova A.M. | Hhrobatenko O.V. | Rossokha G.V. | Kostyuchenko V.I.
Genetic determinants of the physical status of human beings at different stages of ontogenesis.

Author(s): Romanenko V.A. | Horyakov V.A. | Mosenz V.A. | Sokolova V.Y. | Krainyaya N.V. | Ivanova S.D.
Features of the psycho-physiological status of boys in 9-10 years.

Author(s): Romanenko V.A. | Horyakov V.A. | Mosenz V.A. | Ivanova S.D. | Krainyaya N.V. | Sokolova V.Y.
Pharmacoepidemiological monitoring of antidepressant usage in patients with anxious and depressive syndromes in internal medicine

Author(s): N.V. Ivanova | B.B. Fischman | G.I. Schwartsman | L.A. Fomenko | A.A. Abdulin | M.S. Kazymov | I.V. Samsonova | M.A. Bobyr
Assessment of life quality in patients with dentition defects and periodontal diseases before and after prosthesis and implantation of teeth

Author(s): Turusova Е.V. | Bulkina N.V. | Golomazova Е.А. | Meleshina О.V. | Ivanova S.V.
Dynamics of mass asymmetry in nuclear molecular systems

Author(s): G.G. Adamian | A. Andreev | N.V. Antonenko | R.V. Jolos | S.P. Ivanova | Yu.V. Palchikov | W. Scheid | T.M Schneidman
Dependence of patients' life quality on severity of oral pathology: optimization of treatment approaches

Author(s): Turusova E.M. | Bulkina N.V. | Golomazova E.A. | Meleshina O.V. | Ivanova S.V.
Morbidity Of Sexually Transmitted Diseases In The Russian Federation And Republic Of Belarus (From 1997 Till 2007)

Author(s): V.V. Lyutsko | G.Yu. Yutkina | N.V. Vartapetova | M.A. Ivanova | I.V. Furmanova
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