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Production of Avermectin B1b From Streptomyces avermitilis 41445 by Batch Submerged Fermentation

Author(s): Samia Siddique | Quratulain Syed | Ahmad Adnan | Muhammad Nadeem | Muhammad Irfan | Fahim Ashraf Qureshi
GUI Testing Techniques: A Survey

Author(s): Imran Ali Qureshi | Aamer Nadeem
Large aneurysmal bone cyst of iliac bone in a female child: a case report

Author(s): Agarwal Anil | Goel Praveen | Khan Shariq | Kumar Pawan | Qureshi Nadeem
Using family history information to promote healthy lifestyles and prevent diseases; a discussion of the evidence

Author(s): Claassen Liesbeth | Henneman Lidewij | Janssens A Cecile | Wijdenes-Pijl Miranda | Qureshi Nadeem | Walter Fiona | Yoon Paula | Timmermans Danielle
In-vitro Antioxidant and In-vivo Hepatoprotective Activity of Leucas ciliata L

Author(s): Mohammad N. Qureshi | Bhanudansh S. Kuchekar | Nadeem A. Logade | Majid A. Haleem
Realising the potential of the family history in risk assessment and primary prevention of coronary heart disease in primary care: ADDFAM study protocol

Author(s): Qureshi Nadeem | Armstrong Sarah | Saukko Paula | Sach Tracey | Middlemass Jo | Evans Phil | Kai Joe | Farrimond Hannah | Humphries Steve
S-1,3-Benzothiazol-2-yl (2Z)-2-(2-amino-1,3-thiazol-4-yl)-2-(methoxyimino)ethanethioate

Author(s): Shahzad Sharif | Islam Ullah Khan | Muhammad Nadeem Arshad | Tahir Ali Sheikh | Muhammad Zahid Qureshi
Leaders, leadership and future primary care clinical research

Author(s): Furler John | Cleland Jennifer | Del Mar Chris | Hanratty Barbara | Kadam Umesh | Lasserson Daniel | McCowan Colin | Magin Parker | Mitchell Caroline | Qureshi Nadeem | Rait Greta | Steel Nick | van Driel Mieke | Ward Alison
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