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Vyana Vata – The Mahajava

Author(s): Sruthi Surendran Nambiar | Pillai Vishnu Unnikrishnan | Chiplunkar Shivaprasad
What Master Teachers Do: A Case Study of Planning, Facilitating, Role Modelling and Developing Materials

Author(s): Noraini Ibrahim | Azliza Haniem Abdul Aziz | Radha M. K. Nambiar
Preliminary studies on differential expression of auditory functional genes in the brain after repeated blast exposures

Author(s): Manojkumar Valiyaveettil, PhD | Yonas Alamneh, MS | Stacy-Ann Miller, BS | Rasha Hammamieh, PhD | Ying Wang, MD | Peethambaran Arun, PhD | Yanling Wei, MD | Samuel Oguntayo | Madhusoodana P. Nambiar, PhD
Engaging traditional, complementary and alternative health providers for essential health service delivery in India: a policy analysis

Author(s): Josyula Lakshmi K | Sheikh Kabir | Sathyanarayana TN | Nambiar Devaki | Narayan Venkatesh | Porter John
Flavonoids and phenolic acids from pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum) based foods and their functional implications

Author(s): Vanisha S Nambiar | Neha Sareen | Mammen Daniel | Erick B Gallego
Robust Image Watermarking based on DCT-DWT-SVD Method

Author(s): Sneha Jose | Rajesh Cherian Roy | Sreenesh S Nambiar
Wireless Embedded System for Power Line Monitoring

Author(s): P.A. Abraham | Dr. K.A. Narayanankutty | Dr.T.N. Padmanaban Nambiar
Hyphal interaction studies between Thielaviopsis paradoxa and its antagonistic fungi

Literacy Encounters in a Non-Anglophone Context: Korean Study Abroad Students in a Malaysian Classroom

Author(s): Radha M. K. Nambiar | Noraini Ibrahim | Tamby Subhan Mohd Meerah
Sacred groves of north Malabar: treasure trove of endemic and rare medicinal plants

Author(s): K. Subrahmanya Prasad | Gayatri R. Nambiar | K. Raveendran
Cross Training - Is it a Panacea for all Call Center Ills?

Author(s): Benny Mathew | Manoj K. Nambiar
Clinical evaluation of the role of ceftaroline in the management of community acquired bacterial pneumonia

Author(s): Maselli DJ | Fernandez JF | Whong CY | Echevarria K | Nambiar AM | Anzueto A | Restrepo MI
Prevalence and Impact of Thyroid Disorders on Maternal Outcome in Asian-Indian Pregnant Women

Author(s): Vimal Nambiar | Varsha S. Jagtap | Vijaya Sarathi | Anurag R. Lila | Sadishkumar Kamalanathan | Tushar R. Bandgar | Padmavathy S. Menon | Nalini S. Shah
Penggunaan Strategi Pembelajaran Bahasa Dalam Kalangan Pelajar Tingkatan Dua

Author(s): Radha Nambiar | Noraini Ibrahim | Pramela Krish
Socioeconomic profile of diabetic patients with and without foot problems

Author(s): Aziz Nather | Chionh Siok Bee | Wong Keng Lin | Koh Si Qi Odelia | Chan Yiong Huak | Li Xinyi | Ajay Nambiar
Oligodendroglioma : clinical profile and treatment results.

Author(s): Jacob R | Jyothirmayi R | Dalal Y | Nambiar U | Rajan B | Nair M
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