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The Use of Language Learning Strategies by Iranian Students as Compared to the Learners of Other Ethnic Groups

Author(s): Ali Mahbudi | Nasrin Shokrpour | Mohammad Rafatbakhsh | Zeinab Mahbudi
Case-Based Assessment of Medical Students’ Knowledge and Skill on Principles of Drug Prescription Principles

Author(s): Leila Bazrafcan | Mohammad Dehghani | Nasrin Shokrpour | Ali Hekmatpanah Dehkor
The Impact of Task Type and Cognitive Style on Vocabulary Learning

Author(s): Gholam Reza Haji Pour Nezhad | Nasrin Shokrpour
Self-esteem and Academic Success as Influenced by Reading Strategies

Author(s): Eghbal Zarei | Nasrin Shokrpour | Elham Nasiri | Reza Kafipour
Vocabulary Levels and Vocabulary learning strategies of Iranian Undergraduate students

Author(s): Reza Kafipour | Mehdi Yazdi | Afshin Soori | Nasrin Shokrpour

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