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Length constraints of multi-domain proteins in metazoans

Author(s): Sarah Middleton | Timothy Song | Sudhir Nayak
Unusual presentation of cutaneous myiasis

Author(s): Kudur Mohan | Pooja M | Nayak Sudhir
Finger like growth and multiple nodules over right upper back

Author(s): Kudur Mohan | Nayak Sudhir | Pai Sathish | Sripathi H | Prabhu Smitha
JCoDA: a tool for detecting evolutionary selection

Author(s): Steinway Steven | Dannenfelser Ruth | Laucius Christopher | Hayes James | Nayak Sudhir
Pigmented contact cheilitis to paraphenylenediamine

Author(s): Mehta Vandana | Nayak Sudhir | Balachandran C
Extensive congenital vulvar lymphangioma mimicking genital warts

Author(s): Mehta Vandana | Nayak Sudhir | Balachandran C | Monga Puja | Rao Raghavendra
Herpetiform pemphigus clinically resembling bullous pemphigoid

Author(s): Mehta Vandana | Balachandran C | Nayak Sudhir
fog-2 and the Evolution of Self-Fertile Hermaphroditism in Caenorhabditis

Author(s): Nayak Sudhir | Goree Johnathan | Schedl Tim
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