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Pericardial tamponade after left posterolateral thoracotomy for left upper lobectomy for pulmonary aspergilloma

Author(s): Neema Praveen | Shah Hetal | Sethuraman Manikandan | Rathod Ramesh
Entropy score, patent ductus arteriosus (PDA), and cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB): Ligation of PDA on CPB can compromise cerebral blood flow

Author(s): Neema Praveen | Dharan Baiju | Singha Subrata | Sethuraman Manikandan | Rathod Ramesh
Authors′ reply

Author(s): Neema Praveen | Vijayakumar Arun | Manikandan S | Rathod Ramesh
Superior vena cava syndrome after pulsatile bidirectional Glenn shunt procedure: Perioperative implications

Author(s): Neema Praveen | Sethuraman Manikandan | Krishnamanohar S | Rathod Ramesh
Perioperative issues due to long-standing lung collapse during repair of a large ascending aortic aneurysm

Author(s): Neema Praveen | Varma Praveen | Manikandan Sethuraman | Rathod Ramesh
Anesthesia and intracranial arteriovenous malformation

Author(s): Sinha Prabhat | Neema Praveen | Rathod Ramesh

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