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Exosomes in Prostate Cancer: Putting Together the Pieces of a Puzzle

Author(s): Carolina Soekmadji | Pamela J. Russell | Colleen C. Nelson
mCOPA: analysis of heterogeneous features in cancer expression data

Author(s): Wang Chenwei | Taciroglu Alperen | Maetschke Stefan R | Nelson Colleen C | Ragan Mark A | Davis Melissa J
Androgen receptor and nutrient signaling pathways coordinate increased amino acid transport in prostate cancer progression

Author(s): Wang Qian | Bailey Charles G | Ng Cynthia | Tiffen Jessamy | Thoeng Annora | Minnas Vineet | Lehman Melanie L | Hendy Stephen C | Buchanan Grant | Nelson Colleen C | Rasko John EJ | Holst Jeff
Improving Self-Care of Patients with Chronic Disease using Online Personal Health Record

Author(s): Amol Wagholikar | Maggie Fung | Colleen Nelson
Personalized Cancer Therapy for Urological Cancers: From Bench to Bedside and Back

Author(s): Hirotsugu Uemura | Colleen Nelson | Jack A. Schalken | Laurence Klotz
The Interactions between Insulin and Androgens in Progression to Castrate-Resistant Prostate Cancer

Author(s): Jennifer H. Gunter | Amy A. Lubik | Ian McKenzie | Michael Pollak | Colleen C. Nelson
Candidate metastasis suppressor genes uncovered by array comparative genomic hybridization in a mouse allograft model of prostate cancer

Author(s): Yi Yajun | Nandana Srinivas | Case Thomas | Nelson Colleen | Radmilovic Tatjana | Matusik Robert | Tsuchiya Karen
Androgen-regulated genes differentially modulated by the androgen receptor coactivator L-dopa decarboxylase in human prostate cancer cells

Author(s): Margiotti Katia | Wafa Latif | Cheng Helen | Novelli Giuseppe | Nelson Colleen | Rennie Paul
Fish and chips: Various methodologies demonstrate utility of a 16,006-gene salmonid microarray

Author(s): von Schalburg Kristian | Rise Matthew | Cooper Glenn | Brown Gordon | Gibbs A Ross | Nelson Colleen | Davidson William | Koop Ben
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