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Pluripotency factor binding and Tsix expression act synergistically to repress Xist in undifferentiated embryonic stem cells

Author(s): Nesterova Tatyana B | Senner Claire E | Schneider Janina | Alcayna-Stevens Tilly | Tattermusch Anna | Hemberger Myriam | Brockdorff Neil
Efficiency of Xist-mediated silencing on autosomes is linked to chromosomal domain organisation

Author(s): Tang Y Amy | Huntley Derek | Montana Giovanni | Cerase Andrea | Nesterova Tatyana B | Brockdorff Neil
Dicer regulates Xist promoter methylation in ES cells indirectly through transcriptional control of Dnmt3a

Author(s): Nesterova Tatyana B | Popova Bilyana C | Cobb Bradley S | Norton Sara | Senner Claire E | Tang Y Amy | Spruce Thomas | Rodriguez Tristan A | Sado Takashi | Merkenschlager Matthias | Brockdorff Neil
Genome Environment Browser (GEB): a dynamic browser for visualising high-throughput experimental data in the context of genome features

Author(s): Huntley Derek | Tang Y Amy | Nesterova Tatyana | Butcher Sarah | Brockdorff Neil
Structure and expression pattern of Oct4 gene are conserved in vole Microtus rossiaemeridionalis

Author(s): Medvedev Sergey | Shevchenko Alexander | Elisaphenko Eugene | Nesterova Tatyana | Brockdorff Neil | Zakian Suren
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