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Prediction of breast cancer by profiling of urinary RNA metabolites using Support Vector Machine-based feature selection

Author(s): Henneges Carsten | Bullinger Dino | Fux Richard | Friese Natascha | Seeger Harald | Neubauer Hans | Laufer Stefan | Gleiter Christoph | Schwab Matthias | Zell Andreas | Kammerer Bernd
Relationship between CMR and ECG-derived indices of left ventricular hypertrophy

Author(s): Nethononda Richard | Casadei Barbara | Whitworth Polly | Francis Jane | Alder Nicola | Watkins Hugh | Neubauer Stefan
2032 The relationship between electrocardiographic and cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR)-derived left ventricular parameters differs between physiologic and pathologic hypertrophy

Author(s): Nethononda Richard | Petersen Steffen | Doll Helen | Withworth Polly | Neubauer Stefan | Keavney Bernard | Watkins Hugh
The Controversy over Hyperbaric Oxygenation Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis

Author(s): Neubauer, Richard A | Neubauer, Virginia | Gottlieb, Sheldon F
Temperature measurement on neurological pulse generators during MR scans

Author(s): Kainz Wolfgang | Neubauer Georg | Überbacher Richard | Alesch François | Chan Dulciana
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