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Mental health in a Canadian Old Order Mennonite community

Author(s): Kathryn Fisher | K. Bruce Newbold | John Eyles | Susan Elliott
call for data: PREDICTS: Projecting Responses of Ecological Diversity in Changing Terrestrial Systems

Author(s): Tim Newbold | Lawrence Hudson | Drew W. Purves | Jorn P. W. Scharlemann | Georgina Mace | Andy Purvis
Microbial β-glucosidases from cow rumen metagenome enhance the saccharification of lignocellulose in combination with commercial cellulase cocktail

Author(s): Del Pozo Mercedes V | Fernández-Arrojo Lucía | Gil-Martínez Jorge | Montesinos Alejandro | Chernikova Tatyana N | Nechitaylo Taras Y | Waliszek Agnes | Tortajada Marta | Rojas Antonia | Huws Sharon A | Golyshina Olga V | Newbold Charles J | Polaina Julio | Ferrer Manuel | Golyshin Peter N
Defining Socially-Based Spatial Boundaries in the Region of Peel, Ontario, Canada

Author(s): Drackley Adam | Newbold K Bruce | Taylor Christian
Purification and Properties of Glutamate-phenylpyruvate Aminotransferase from Rumen Bacterium Prevotella albensis

Author(s): Md. Ruhul Amin | Ryoji Onodera | R. Islam Khan | R. John Wallace | C. Jamie Newbold
Challenges in integrating 18FDG PET-CT into radiotherapy planning of head and neck cancer

Author(s): Dandekar P | Partridge M | Kazi R | Nutting C | Harrington K | Newbold K
The role of intensity-modulated radiotherapy in head and neck cancer

Author(s): Bhide S | Kazi R | Newbold K | Harrington K | Nutting C
The mRNA expression of SATB1 and SATB2 in human breast cancer

Author(s): Patani Neill | Jiang Wen | Mansel Robert | Newbold Robert | Mokbel Kefah
A Review of Enteric-coated Mycophenolate Sodium for Renal Transplant Immunosuppression

Author(s): Nathan Newbold | Brianna Riley | Karen Hardinger
Spatial analysis of air pollution and childhood asthma in Hamilton, Canada: comparing exposure methods in sensitive subgroups

Author(s): Sahsuvaroglu Talar | Jerrett Michael | Sears Malcolm | McConnell Rob | Finkelstein Norm | Arain Altaf | Newbold Bruce | Burnett Rick
Acquisition of naturally occurring antibody responses to recombinant protein domains of Plasmodium falciparum erythrocyte membrane protein 1

Author(s): Mackintosh Claire | Christodoulou Zoe | Mwangi Tabitha | Kortok Moses | Pinches Robert | Williams Thomas | Marsh Kevin | Newbold Christopher
Thyroid cancer causing obstruction of the great veins in the neck

Author(s): Hyer Steve | Dandekar Prasad | Newbold Kate | Haq Masud | Wechalakar Kshama | Harmer Clive
Thyroid cancer causing obstruction of the great veins in the neck

Author(s): Hyer Steve | Dandekar Prasad | Newbold Kate | Haq Masud | Wechalakar Kshama | Thway Khin | Harmer Clive
The [FeFe] hydrogenase of Nyctotherus ovalis has a chimeric origin

Author(s): Boxma Brigitte | Ricard Guenola | van Hoek Angela | Severing Edouard | Moon-van der Staay Seung-Yeo | van der Staay Georg | van Alen Theo | de Graaf Rob | Cremers Geert | Kwantes Michiel | McEwan Neil | Newbold C Jamie | Jouany Jean-Pierre | Michalowski Tadeusz | Pristas Peter | Huynen Martijn | Hackstein Johannes
Attire in Ammianus and Gregory of Tours

Author(s): Newbold, Ron F.
Patterns of gene recombination shape var gene repertoires in Plasmodium falciparum: comparisons of geographically diverse isolates

Author(s): Kraemer Susan | Kyes Sue | Aggarwal Gautam | Springer Amy | Nelson Siri | Christodoulou Zoe | Smith Leia | Wang Wendy | Levin Emily | Newbold Christopher | Myler Peter | Smith Joseph
Horizontal gene transfer from Bacteria to rumen Ciliates indicates adaptation to their anaerobic, carbohydrates-rich environment

Author(s): Ricard Guénola | McEwan Neil | Dutilh Bas | Jouany Jean-Pierre | Macheboeuf Didier | Mitsumori Makoto | McIntosh Freda | Michalowski Tadeusz | Nagamine Takafumi | Nelson Nancy | Newbold Charles | Nsabimana Eli | Takenaka Akio | Thomas Nadine | Ushida Kazunari | Hackstein Johannes | Huynen Martijn
Plasmodium falciparum Variant Surface Antigen Expression Patterns during Malaria.

Author(s): Bull | Berriman | Kyes | Quail | Hall | Kortok | Marsh | Newbold
hTERT protein expression is independent of clinicopathological parameters and c-Myc protein expression in human breast cancer

Author(s): Elkak AE | Meligonis G | Salhab M | Mitchell B | Blake JRS | Newbold RF | Mokbel K
The mRNA expression of hTERT in human breast carcinomas correlates with VEGF expression

Author(s): Kirkpatrick Katharine | Newbold Robert | Mokbel Kefah
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