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The Use of Interferon Gamma Release Assays in the Diagnosis of Active Tuberculosis

Author(s): Silvan M. Vesenbeckh | Nicolas Schönfeld | Harald Mauch | Thorsten Bergmann | Sonja Wagner | Torsten T. Bauer | Holger Rüssmann
Morphometrical analysis of transbronchial cryobiopsies

Author(s): Griff Sergej | Ammenwerth Wim | Schönfeld Nicolas | Bauer Torsten | Mairinger Thomas | Blum Torsten-Gerriet | Kollmeier Jens | Grüning Wolfram
Narrow band imaging (NBI) during medical thoracoscopy: first impressions

Author(s): Schönfeld Nicolas | Schwarz Carsten | Kollmeier Jens | Blum Torsten | Bauer Torsten | Ott Sebastian
Gemcitabine combined with oxaliplatin in pretreated patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma: an observational study

Author(s): Xanthopoulos Athanasios | Bauer Torsten | Blum Torsten | Kollmeier Jens | Schönfeld Nicolas | Serke Monika
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