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Glutathione cycle in diquat neurotoxicity: Assessed by intrastriatal pre-treatment with glutathione reductase

Author(s): Đurđević Dragan | Đukić Mirjana | Ninković Milica | Stevanović Ivana | Jovanović Marina | Vasić Una
The effects of ethanol on paracetamol-induced oxidative stress in mice liver

Author(s): Mladenović Dušan | Ninković Milica | Vučević Danijela | Čolić Miodrag | Micev Marjan | Todorović Vera | Stanković Milena | Radosavljević Tatjana
Influence of glutathione reductase on diquat neurotoxcity assessed by oxidative/nitrosative stress in the cortex of intrastriatally treated rats

Author(s): Đukić Mirjana | Jovanović Marina | Ninković Milica | Stevanović Ivana | Đurđević D. | Vasić Una
Biochemical, pharmacological, and toxic effects of n-metil 3,4-methylenedioxyamphetamine - "ecstasy"

Author(s): Maličević Živorad | Ninković Milica | Vasiljević Ivana | Selaković Vesna | Jovanović Marina
N-Methyl-3,4-methylenedioxyamphetamine-induced hepatotoxicity in rats: Oxidative stress after acute and chronic administration

Author(s): Ninković Milica | Maličević Živorad | Selaković Vesna M. | Simić Ivan | Vasiljević Ivana D.
Effects of nerve and fibroblast growth factors on the production of nitric oxide in experimental model of Huntington's disease

Author(s): Maksimović Ivana D. | Jovanović Marina D. | Maličević Živorad | Čolić Miodrag J. | Ninković Milica
Oxidative stress in rat liver during acute cadmium and ethanol intoxication

Author(s): Radosavljević Tatjana | Mladenović Dušan | Ninković Milica | Vučević Danijela | Boričić Ivan | Ješić-Vukićević Rada | Šljivančanin Tamara | Lopičić Srđan | Todorović Vera
Effect of L-NAME on AlCl3-induced toxicity in rat brain

Author(s): Stevanović Ivana | Jovanović Marina | Jelenković Ankica | Bokonjić D. | Čolić M. | Stojanović Ivana | Ninković Milica
Brain stem and thalamus antioxidative defense in experimental sepsis

Author(s): Ninković Milica | Maličević Ž. | Stojanović Dragica | Vasiljević Ivana | Jovanović Marina | Đukić Mirjana
Total anesthesia, rats brain surgery, nitric oxide (NO) and free radicals

Author(s): Jelenković Ankica V. | Jovanović Marina | Ninković Milica | Maksimović M. | Bošković Bogdan
Nerve growth factor protects cholinergic neurons against quinolinic acid-induced excitotoxicity in wistar rats

Author(s): Vasiljević Ivana D. | Jovanović Marina D. | Čolić Miodrag J. | Mićić D. | Ninković Milica | Maličević Živorad
Antioxidative effect of nerve growth factor (NGF) in rat thalamus after quinolinic acid-induced neurotoxicity

Author(s): Ninković Milica | Jovanović Marina D. | Maličević Živorad | Jelenković Ankica V. | Đukić Mirjana | Vasiljević Ivana D.
Nitric oxide (NO) and an NMDA receptor antagonist in pentylenetetrazole-induced convulsions

Author(s): Jelenković Ankica V. | Jovanović Marina D. | Ninković Milica | Maksimović Milan | Bošković Bogdan
Nitric oxide production in the rat brain after kainate-induced seizure

Author(s): Radenović Lidija Lj. | Jovanović Marina D. | Vasiljević Ivana D. | Ninković Milica | Selaković Vesna M. | Maličević Živorad
Nitric oxide synthase inhibition prevents acute QA-induced neurotoxicity

Author(s): Vasiljević Ivana D. | Jovanović Marina D. | Ninković Milica | Maličević Živorad
Mathematical model for exergy in the system NaCl-H2O

Author(s): Ninković Rozalija R. | Todorović Milica D. | Miladinović Jelena M.
Effects of various nitric oxide synthase inhibitors on AlCl3-induced neuronal injury in rats

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